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The letter Pro-Russian Ukrainians

Russia, can you hear me? I am Pro-Russian Ukrainian, together with his associates decided the letter you write. Polite, and not as the Turkish Sultan. I greatest your value, Russia. You don’t know it yet. More precisely know, but ignore. And it hurts me, the Pro-Russian Ukrainians, particularly. Even a shouting match.

Chu, I hear the ghoulish groans of the Pro-Russian Ukrainians from all sides of the Ukraine – like Karlsson when he pulled the sheet and had the robbers a good Ghost with a motor. You see, Russia, the longer you don’t realize what an honor you have extended to my love, the groans of the Pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine will be less and less good. I’ll tell you honestly, Russia, some of my Pro-Russian supporters in Odessa, Kharkov, Spain and Dnipropetrovsk have already begun to curse you do not come, not saved, not fed, not showered with gold, not doused with oil free and not perfumed, like expensive French perfume, free gas. After all, the slogan Gazprom “Dreams come true” it’s almost our mystic formula – though Euromaidan, Maidan. All of us, Ukrainians!

Russia, come! Fulfill all our dreams! Banish bad! Reward good! Slay involved! And uncomplicated! Every anti-fascist on the farm! Every Nazi on the wooden Mac! Generously reward, and even resentment and again you will not love! Because without our, Ukrainian love, how can you live, Russia? But in addition to love us-and to offer nothing. And also, how to love, we got shit to do and not do.

The normal formula, twenty-three years working – we give you love, you give us money and gas “half shots”. Russia, what is fresh start? You our love not enough?

Want professional? Well, let’s do business. Talk, as they say.

In business this is called monetization. Evromaydanovtsy wanted to monetize your love for Europe. And we, the Pro-Russian Ukrainians who want to monetize their love for Russia. Yes, to do no one wants. But we are ready to love passionately. No, not to death – this is why, tea is not Shakespeare’s time and families the Montagues and the Capulets.

You come in, you all do, we love you.

Russia, after all, the normal formula of the Treaty is not global. You have a whole lot. But not as clean as the towel, and as big as feed Ukrainka, Ukrainian love. Forgive me for taftalogiyu.

Hear that Russia, as groaning under the oppression of Pro-Russian Ukrainians did Not send you to us “Javelin”… Oh, sorry… “Caliber” and “Iskander”. Not unloaded evergreen men in the yard of each house. Not sent. Not commanded. Ignored our contractual love.

Russia, what, we’re Sidor Kovpak, or what?

Письмо пророссийского украинца

“Early autumn 1941, when German troops came to Putivl, Kovpak, who at that time was already 55 years old, together with his colleagues, organizes a detachment in a nearby Spadshchansky forest the size of 10 to 15 kilometers. Kovpak pre-organized warehouse with food and ammunition. At the end of September they are joined by the red army encirclement, and in October – a detachment headed by Semyon Rudnev, who became a close friend and ally of the shell during the great Patriotic war. The squad increased to 57 people and becomes quite efficient in armed clashes with the enemy – despite the lack of weapons. Kovpak for himself declares war against the Nazis “to the bitter end.”

19 Oct 1941 in Spadshchansky forest broke Nazi tanks. In the ensuing battle, the guerrillas captured 3 tanks. Losing a large number of soldiers and military equipment, the enemy was forced to retreat and return to Putivl. December 1, 1941 about three million German soldiers, supported by artillery and mortars launched an attack on Spadshchansky forest. This episode of the war was a turning point in military activities of the partisan detachment Kovpaka. S. A. Kovpak, being a subtle psychologist and a man of the people”, closely followed the mood of the partisan, take into account their opinions and well understand how much it means to the success of the battle to raise the morale of the soldiers and the cohesion of the group. The fight was unequal, lasted the whole day and still ended with the victory of the guerrillas. Inspired by the example of the commander and Commissar who fought together with all the guerrillas will not step departed from of the positions they occupied, and all enemy attacks were repulsed. The enemy lost about 200 soldiers and officers, partisans got trophies – 5 machine guns and 20 rifles.”

He, a Soviet thug, could begin to fight the invaders with a shortage of weapons and ammunition, without communication with the mainland. Well, a quirk he had a hatred of Nazism. And courage was over the edge – so it’s from old age, dementia. 55 years still.

We are not thugs, Russia. We anti-fascists. Thugs only in the DNI and LC. That they had conceded to stand with Dubya and a shotgun on the block-posts, when Kiev punishers decided to walk through the lands of Donbass.

We, the Pro-Russian Ukrainians live and live. To love and to love. We already homosexual love Kiev demands. Russia, if you won’t do well immediately, we give up and we love each other. And it will be on your conscience.

We, the Pro-Russian Ukrainians are smart. Not coming – we love you we will not. Still “La La La” ZAOr so that the mountain will be shaken.

What prose can’t hear us? So we are in the Scriptures… We are talented. We treasure. See, Russia for you right now wrote.

I write to you – what else?
What more can I say?
Now, I know in your will
I punish contempt.
But you, my hapless situation
A drop of pity for my Woe,
You will not leave me.

Henceforth I entrust
Before you pour tears,
Your protection I beg…
I close,

Cum! Scary number,…
Shame and fear freeze…
But I swear by your honor,
And boldly commit himself to her…


Author: Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

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