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The hryvnia will be printed on “papyrus”

Гривну будут печатать на "папирусе"

The edition “Today” reported on the testing new paper for printing of the hryvnia.

In Malinska factory engaged in the production of paper for banknotes, began to produce paper with the use of Ukrainian flax, said the Deputy head of the national Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy.

He noted that currently, for the production of paper purchased imported cotton fiber, which are much more expensive than domestic linen.

Smoliy says that the use of the Ukrainian flax in the production of banknote paper will increase the durability of banknotes and prolong their service life. Besides maintaining the domestic agricultural sector will provide more jobs. And also will allow to increase production of paper for printing of the hryvnia.

Although the increased printing of banknotes should be attributed not to a positive factor, and negative, because an increase in mass of the national currency without maintenance of foreign reserves will lead to devaluation.

And the creation of high-quality flax fibres is not an easy task, especially to do this to raise agriculture, we must invest additional money from the state budget.

In the end, will the transition from imported cotton to domestic linen cost-effective is not yet known. But if you take into account that it takes place in Ukraine, we can conclude that some of the relatives of heads of NBU have already started to build a business on the cultivation of flax for the needs of Malinska factory.

So it is better to leave it as is and not to build new business for the officials.

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