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The government opposed the ban of palm oil and GMOs

Правительство выступило против запрета пальмового масла и ГМО

The White house claim that they can introduce additional requirements to the products due to international treaties

The government has prepared a negative review on the bill imposing ban on the use in the production of palm oil, GMOs and certain food additives (a copy is in edition). The document States that under the agreement on the Eurasian economic Union requirements for products are established at the level of the Union and Russia cannot introduce additional mandatory requirements on its territory. Experts note that it is much better to impose taxes on “harmful” products, rather than to ban it, and the chief dietitian of the country claims that the rumors about the dangers of GMOs and additives is greatly exaggerated.

Submitted to the Duma in September of last year, the bill introduced by lawmaker Margarita surganovoy the proposed ban in the manufacture of food products using palm oil, genetically modified organisms and food additives 124 (different E-…, including flavor enhancers, preservatives and sweeteners). The changes were supposed to state in article 17 of the law “About quality and safety of food products”.

In the government review says that according to the same law requirements for products are defined by documents adopted in accordance with international treaties or ratified by Russia.

“Mandatory for application and fulfillment on the territory of the Eurasian economic Union requirements to objects of technical regulation (this includes food products) are established in technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union. According to section 3 of article 7 of the Federal law “On technical regulation”, are not included in the technical regulations of the requirements can not be binding”, — stated in the government review the bill.

State specifically that food safety and the use of palm oil, GMO’s and additives are governed by multiple regulations.

“Therefore the government of the Russian Federation the draft Federal law is not supported”, — concluded in the government.

Director of research Institute of health organization and management health David Melik-Guseinov said that without violating international obligations, Russia could impose a tax or excise on the use of certain components in the products, but this idea is not worth to implement in the current economic context.

— During the crisis and the sanctions to make such attempts very dangerous, the market reaction will be unpredictable. But the idea with the agenda to remove not worth it, just need to wait for calmer economic times, — the expert believes.

Chief freelance specialist-nutritionist Ministry of health of Russia Victor Tutelyan said that the harm from consuming products with palm oil, GMO’s and additives Laden and exaggerated.

— With regard to palm oil — Yes, it contains saturated fats, but without them it is impossible to make, for example, fat product, identical to mother’s milk. GM biotechnology in General, peeped from nature, — said Victor Tutelyan.

According to him, all natural sausage will be tasteless and ugly.

— We won’t eat it. Saw cooked meat? It’s gray, so the sausage is added and dye it a beautiful pink color. For the production of the final product supplemented with phosphate or starch to the minced meat was divided. Many people like to buy the sausages with the label “without GMO”, “no soy” — and for good reason. Soy is good protein, it normally absorbed. In the sausage and the sausage without soy indicated in the “protein component” — know what that is? It crushed skins of animals: pigs, cows. They contain collagen — a substance that we have in the hair, and it is not digested by the body, he said.

The main dietician of countries is advised not to exclude from the diet products, and to consume them in moderation.

— No harmful and useful products, it depends on the quantity. For example, in advertising a well-known sausages show a huge “father’s” sandwich. It weighs 300 grams, and there are about 1 thousand calories. If so there are, of course, you’re too fat, warned Victor Tutelyan.

By the way, some supplements are recommended even by doctors in clinical nutrition. For example, the Advisory-diagnostic center “Healthy nutrition” research Institute of nutrition recommends that people with obesity and high blood sugar to replace refined sugar on low-calorie sweeteners — aspartame (E-951), sorbitol (E 420), xylitol (E-967), etc.

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