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The government has simplified the procedure of treatment of Russian citizens abroad

Государство упростило процедуру лечения российских граждан за границей

The Federation Council has considered a number of bills governing the funding of the treatmentof Russian citizens abroad, reports news Agency “SeverInform” with reference to “Izvestia”.

Patients in need of urgent treatment abroad, will be able to receive medical assistance through the abolition of compulsory auction between foreign clinics. Note that before this procedure could be difficult due to the small number of applicants took a long time.

“This procedure is justified, because at stake is human life,” commented a member of the Duma Committee on health Salia murzabaeva. – Another problem they are to allow amendments – the difficulty in determining the individual cost of treatment. Often on the sites of foreign medical institutions service prices do not indicate. The number of necessary procedures, as well as the appointment of certain drugs patients should be determined on an individual basis. Previously, the procedure had “gaps” in the legislation”.

We will add that in 2017, high-tech assistance will become more accessible to Russian citizens – the relevant amendments to the Budget code and the law On mandatory medical insurance in the Russian Federation” took SF to the final session. Modern methods of treatment will be funded directly by their health insurance Fund. Recall now high-tech help in the program of compulsory medical insurance is not included.

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