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The good news came from the EU

Хорошие новости пришли из ЕС

Sanctions may be cancelled! I know, now many people in the comments I’ll start writing about that talked about this a million times, however, they are still operating so I prepared for this question and perhaps it will answer.

Today the foreign Ministers of EU countries at the meeting to discuss further relations with Russia. According to an anonymous European source, at the meeting we will focus on the development of a completely new strategy towards the Russian Federation. Asked to notice that if earlier the EU had originally stated that they intend to discuss the question of aggravation or prolongation of sanctions against Moscow, they are now talking about a new format of relations.

“The events of the last two years in European capitals came to the following conclusion: in any case a return to relations with Russia in the spirit of business as usual. Now we really have no common vision of relations with Russia, there are only sanctions, but it can’t last forever. We need a new normal — a long-term strategy of cooperation with Moscow under new conditions,” – said an anonymous European source.

Agree, nice intriguing and alarming? Do the sanctions that the European Union is an infinite number of times entered and extended, finally can cancel? This is certainly good news. I am confident that the new format of relations between the EU and Russia will positively affect the further development of dialogue with European colleagues and the development of the country. Let’s wait for the results!

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