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The global cycle of illusions

The US supported the Mujahideen against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, as a result grew the Taliban, al-Qaeda and bin Laden. But they were not enough, they have removed Saddam and got ISIS.

The Europeans kept silent solidarity in the form of American lawlessness and as a reward received a flood of refugees.

The USSR was considered the most dangerous enemy in Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah, and after the withdrawal of Soviet troops began to help him, so he fought against the Taliban.

Idolize Stalin Stalinists, which they, the Stalinists, were shot in batches.

The Ukrainians still believe that the Crimea, Ukrainian.

Russians like to look for a national idea. The son brought a deuce, the wife went to her friend and spend the night there, and he’s still looking for the idea.

The Church successfully trading for cash faith in God. Interesting, God knows these rates?

The aborigines ate cook to “strong, brave, kind become like cook” (with). If he knew what a bastard was a cook…

People are living the illusions that they live

Мировой круговорот иллюзий

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