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The global crisis is too deep to get out of it without war

Мировой кризис слишком глубок, чтобы можно было выйти из него без войны

The crisis currently the global economy is deeper and more serious than commonly believed. Analyzing the next wave of the economic crisis, a regular contributor to IA REGNUMМаксим Reva turned to the classic works of Marxism and found in the current situation all the prerequisites for communism.

The current crisis of overproduction is not comparable with those that were before. With the development and cheapening of technology, with the substitution of manual human labour by robots begin to decrease not only production costs but also the time and cost to start production of a new product. At the same time, the product itself can be almost instantly copied and offered by competitors at a lower price. Eventually, the product becomes cheaper and the market is quickly saturated with this product and it is overproduction. In such circumstances, the capital invested in the production of a unique product or directly aimed at creating monopoly, can obtain neither the market nor the maximum surplus value. In this case the consumer is no longer able to support the demand, because their life is fully supplied with the necessary goods and additionally.

As a result the printed money in the form of a loan at interest, or charge for work not needed. There is a further depreciation of money, deflation, and the growth of overproduction. All this will lead to the devaluation of corporate assets on the stock exchange, which will be bought by the same corporations that, incidentally, is happening on the stock exchanges.

However, the cornerstone is the private ownership of the means of production — in a zero, maybe even negative value (because we already have negative interest), ceases to have any meaning. So what can we expect?

It would be nice to believe that the solution will be the coming of communism or at least socialism in the world. However, it is unlikely that the capitalism and its adherents so fragile that without a fight to surrender all his conquests and all “acquired by overwork”. Capitalism has many times proven his ability to self-renewal, evidence of what one only the XX-th century introduced a considerable amount.

Exit the deep economic crisis known is a world war, sadly. As for communism will have to fight though so I want to believe that he will “come” himself.

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