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The Germans terrified the Russians save on the food and take the credits!

Немцы в ужасе: русские экономят на продуктах питания и берут кредиты!

On one of popular sites of the Runet very actively discussed topic raised by journalists of information in an influential German newspaper Die Welt. As stated by the authors: “the Russians have already started to take loans to buy food!”, and continue: “In the third year of crisis in Russia, the population started to run out of money, but this only made the Russians more creative. Citizens of the huge country began to borrow from banks and spend it on food and necessities, with European delicacy gave way to the Russian traditional cuisine because of the poverty of the people.”

What the author is refuting the article in Runet immediately retorted: “But we happen to live with you, ladies and gentlemen, the rogue! What we actually congratulate. Will give a few quotations from the “revealing” articles of the German edition, and then, for clarity, here are a few examples of their own numbers and calculations from my personal life. Fortunately, not much difficulty will be to refresh their memory, just yesterday pushed the bills to the family budget.”

So, the translated text of the article “So kreativ sparen die Russen bei Lebensmitteln” (“So the Russians creatively save on foods”), an influential German Die Welt:

“Inflation in Russia is growing, salaries are melting due to the weak ruble, and the products have become more expensive than ever. In the third year of crisis money from the Russians over, but this only makes them more creative.

Retail in Russia is now experiencing the most difficult times in the past 40 years: in crisis conditions, continued for the third year, the Russians save wherever possible. They buy cheaper food, refuse expensive foreign holidays and increased enthusiasm have money in the Bank.

According to the Ministry of economy, last year the total amount of savings deposits in Russia have doubled as of January 1, 2016 amounted to 23.9 trillion rubles, or about 256 billion euros. However, right now saving money is especially hard. This is because high level of inflation in 2015, markedly reducing the thickness of the wallets of Russian citizens. Real wages of the population fell by 4% due to the low value of the ruble. But reciprocal sanctions also are contributing: the price of nearly all foods has increased, this is also confirmed by the data of the Russian statistics.

Total spending last year was about 420 billion rubles, that is approximately around 5.6 billion euros, and it is more than the total amount of income. The balance was not so bad since the 1998 crisis, which broke out shortly after the country moved to a market economy.

Today many have to support their own purchasing power on credit. For example, VTB Bank informs that in January 2016, he gave twice as many loans than in January last year. The majority uses the loans not to go shopping and to buy necessities.

To 70% low cost products is the main criterion when shopping. 6 out of 10 shoppers in supermarkets in large quantities buy the cheaper products. The hostess also exhibit ingenuity, namely: instead of meat they cook chicken meatballs with lots of bread and a half bottle of kefir milk is poured and left to ferment on the battery. Moreover, the crisis contributed to the return of traditional Russian cuisine. Instead of mushrooms and shallots, beets and cabbage, and for dessert – ice cream Soviet-style Western instead of chocolate.”

All! Kapets us. Now the boots that the mole did not Doral, tied it and go to bolboci bread will take a mortgage for 10 years at 20% per annum. Chicken, I’m afraid, will not, in the face of complicated situation in the world, in the absence of Western cream has reduced. Oh, not to shop now! The car will not go to the Bank essentially. Will cherish the last crumbs of the family budget, which, according to Europeans, I have ended before it started.

Are you already scared? Every Russian saw himself? All howled, that we may die a cold and hungry death? After shouting, crying and snot want to go to my personal reports and calculations. The prices will be a little rounded upward to cents not to be confused. Apartment with two rooms, with a small square footage. So:

The utilities for the apartment, along with water and heating – 2300 rubles.
Light apartment (my heater) the meter – 1500.
Internet 500.
Gas, without a meter, is prescribed three – 285.
Cable TV – 200.
Repaired – 400.
Kindergarten – 1300.
Music school – 800.
English language child – 2400.
A subscription to the pool – 1800.
Total: 11 500 rubles.

This is when the total family budget in 45 000 roubles. Most of the money earned by the husband. Subtracting all “mandatory payments” I have still remains on the shelf 33 500 rubles. A lot or a little? The remaining money serves as a update of clothing, toys, gasoline, car repairs.

As you know, from my list, since saving, you can delete razvivashki for the child. But I don’t want and will not. Why, for what? To buy the mushrooms and shallots? To replace the Soviet chocolate ice cream from soy and palm oil – never!

I have a lovely soup, which cost me 400 rubles for three or four days. Potatoes with pork stew in a pot and Apple pie with apples. There’s mom’s Apple and strawberry jam, which is sweet “mess” (I’m on a diet type) to dip. Cats with brazen faces to tuck into imported food and scraps from meat. Yesterday I bought some newbeetle LEGO to then the cleaner of Fig pylesosit! Husband is worn with some novokuplennye thing from the computer, whatever it is terabytes. I next month I will buy the machine new covers that nicely, and put a little bit on ending insurance.

A sociological survey of Russians: do you have enough money for a normal life?

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