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The first went: Canada completely exhausted gold reserves


The government of Canada sold all the gold from the gold reserves of the country. Thus, Canada became the first and so far only country among the States “Big twenty”, which does not possess reserves of gold.

Первый пошел: Канада полностью истратила золотой запас

According to the Ministry of Finance of Canada as at 3 March 2016 the volume of gold reserves in Canada decreased to zero. In January the Bank of Russia became a world leader in the procurement of gold among all Central banks in the world. Experts from the international monetary Fund noted that “procurement amounted to 688 thousand ounces of precious metal.”

Earlier, the Bank of Russia has reported that “Russia’s international reserves increased by USD 3.2 billion to 368,3 billion dollars.” It is the gold in the gold reserves account for about 52 billion.

“It is a quiet attack on the Almighty dollar. Secret the Declaration of independence. Russian President Vladimir Putin is buying gold – not involving a lot of attention, but while acting with the scope. At that time, political circles fear a new cold war between Moscow and the West, in the financial sector she has already begun”, said Die Welt.

“By his actions Putin wants to undermine the power of America and Europe. Who buys gold, that prevents the domination of Western currencies. This is his calculation. Behind it – no more, no less – claim to world domination,” say the economists.

Earlier, Want China Times citing Duowei News reported – according to analysts, “China accumulated enormous gold reserves enable China to crash the US currency”. The publication also noted that Russia doubled its gold reserves since 2005.

We will add that in 2014 the world’s economists began to sound the alarm – so wary of The Daily Telegraph wrote “the Kremlin, taking advantage of the falling prices, bought 55 tons of this valuable metal is much more than other countries”.

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