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The European Union requests the assistance of Vladimir Putin on refugees


Евросоюз просит помощи у Владимира Путина по беженцам

Vladimir Putin ha a meeting with the national team of Russia on hockey in may 2012. Photo press service of the President of Russia

Amid fears that the refugees will go to Europe through Russia, Brussels is looking for an unexpected ally

“Brussels wants to enter into an agreement with Vladimir Putin that Russia has ceased to warm the migration crisis in Europe,” says the correspondent of The Daily Mail John Stevens. This desire has arisen despite the warnings that Russia is using the immigration crisis as a weapon, trying to “flood” and “split” Europe, the author notes.

“In February at a closed meeting of the leadership of the European Commission in Brussels it was decided to urgently ask the government of Putin to engage in negotiations. In the minutes of the meeting seen by our publication, States that the Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos “referred to the growing migratory pressure, with which Finland faced on its border with Russia”, — the newspaper writes.

Here’s another quote from the minutes: Commissioner “supported the idea as soon as possible to establish a dialogue on migration with the Russian Federation, before the EU will face a new influx of migrants on its Eastern border.”

These revelations will cause concern: what will Putin require from the EU in return for a deal? Turkey, which passes through the majority of migrants heading to Europe, has repeatedly increased the list of requirements to the EU in return for helping to resolve the crisis, says the author.

Meanwhile, last week the commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Breedlove stated that the task of the Russian bombing in Syria — to scare the Syrians and to provoke their Exodus to neighbouring countries and Europe.

“Russia and the Assad regime, acting together, intentionally turn migration into a weapon, trying to “flood” patterns of Europe and break her determination,” he said.

The newspaper says that the talks with the Putin government will complicate the fact that in December the EU extended sanctions against Russia.

Finland reported that in January from Russia drove about 500 asylum seekers (and for the whole of 2015 — 700). The Baltic States are tightening verification of documents and erecting a fence on the Eastern borders, fearing that their region will become the new “gateway” for immigrants.

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