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The EU border guards will replace electronic terminals

В ЕС пограничников заменят электронные терминалы

Control entry and exit from the territory of the EU can become automatic. In the opinion of the European Commission, the introduction of electronic terminals will significantly reduce queues at the border, and reduce the number of officials. The initiative was presented today by the European Commissioner for migration, home Affairs and citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos.

Electronic Entry-Exit System, he said, will be distributed non EU citizens wishing to visit any EU country on a short-term visa. “The use of new technologies will help to manage the flow of arriving to our external borders. At the same time, it will deal with illegal immigration and increase security within the EU”, said Avramopoulos. In addition, the automation process will effectively identify visa overstayers and fight various schemes of visa fraud.

Entry-Exit System will register the name and surname, type of transport on which the person arrived in the EU, biometric data (photo and fingerprints) as well as the time and place of crossing the border. This will allow you to send in the past the system of manual stamping of passports.

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