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The errors of Russia that she is sure, if good remember

And with the king, and during Soviet times, and now it turns out the same way: we are with someone make friends, help, release, Finance – and eventually we were sent to the known address. Curious to understand: what are we doing wrong?

Ошибка России в том, что она уверена, будто добро запомнят
Russia debt forgiven. Now you can be friends with America though?
In Cuba now with great fanfare greeted the US President Barack Obama, whom I accept as a special guest with honor and hope for a generous investment. The Cubans ignored the current tough attitude of America and Russia. And of course, on the Island of freedom has long ignore the facts that the authorities of Cuba survived only thanks to the support of the USSR and Russia forgave Cuba a debt of almost 32 (!) billion.
In addition, the days slipped by two interesting dates. 75 years ago, on 1 March 1941, Bulgaria signed the Treaty of accession to the Tripartite Pact, becoming an ally of Nazi Germany. March 25, the same document was approved by the government of Yugoslavia, becoming an official friend of Hitler. And after all was ready, the plan “Barbarossa”, and the leaders of these countries knew would soon be followed by the attack on the USSR. In 1877-1878 for the liberation of Bulgaria gave their lives 20 thousand Russian soldiers, but then the Bulgarians participated in the First and Second world wars on the side of the enemies of Russia. Similarly with Yugoslavia: Russia stood up for Serbia in 1914, after becoming involved in a conflict with Austria-Hungary and Germany, but the then Prime Minister of Yugoslavia did not bother the Alliance with the Nazis against the Soviet Union. So why is our country often do not pay good for friendship? Is it worth to be offended by former friends, is there a fault here and Russia too? On this subject says the browser “AIF”.

Freedom in exchange for some gum?

Speaking about Obama’s visit to Cuba, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said: “We can only welcome the abandonment of the sanctions policy in international Affairs… We are interested in friendly Cuba maintained good relations with all neighbors, primarily with the United States.”

I wonder what is the attitude of ordinary Cubans to a long-standing enemy, “Madrugada” whether they are with the United States to “color revolution”? “Obama, changing the vector of the US policy, trying to establish relations with Iran and Cuba, says Darya Mitin, the Secretary for international Affairs of the Central Committee of the United Communist party. – Cubans for economic development need a lifting of the blockade. But special love, I think, will not. There remember the experience of the Eastern bloc, when in exchange for beautiful wrapping, a nation deprived of resources and autonomy, and not configured to leave isolation at the cost of losing sovereignty, selling the country for bubble-gum jeans. No reverence and servile subservience to the USA, characteristic of the USSR on the stage of his demise, in Cuba no. For liberty Island can be quiet.”

“It is naive to believe in friendship”

In fact, since years, little has changed – the history always repeats itself. In 1990, the USSR left the allies: they all, including again is Bulgaria (and Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary), joy fled to the West. It is clear that not everything in our relationship was sugar. Comes to mind and the suppression of Hungarian rebels by the Soviet Union in 1956, and the defeat of the Czechoslovak democracy in 1968. However, I would say cynically, during the Prague spring killed 108 people, and during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia – 300 thousand. The figures are not comparable. However, the Czechs do not remember the old Germans, but we in any case be sure to poke in the eye with tanks in Prague.

Much worse things are with Poland. There have been openly dismantled monuments to Soviet soldiers who fell in the battles for the liberation of the country. During the war the Nazis killed 6 million poles and liquidated the Polish state, Soviet Russia, and Poland restored, “giving” her German territory. It is perceived as a natural thing to say thanks is not necessary.

– Personally, I think that in the current bad relationship to blame only the authorities of Poland, – says Maciej Wisniewski, chief editor of the Polish online newspaper “Strike”. – What to hide, in the past in both Moscow and Warsaw were often at odds – and the Soviet-Polish war in 1920, and partition of our country between the Third Reich and the USSR in 1939. However, in 1944, Russia saved Poland from destruction; in the 90s, abandoning you in favor of the West, we chose not to feel grateful for. We have 25 years in the media say one thing: the German occupiers in essence are not that bad, but Russian is a nightmare and horror. In what of wine of Russia? Excessive softness. You are too much, apologized, and got used to it. Now, if Russia will condemn the shooting in Katyn each week, the poles will say: why so few? The main Russian problem – as with Cuba: your country relies on eternal friendship. And it does not happen. For the money to pass anyone who pays the favorite ally.

Throw it brothers

Alas, the situation remains the same in our time: those whom we consider friends and allies, we change surprisingly easy. What’s Cuba! Brotherly Montenegro, praise by saying: “We are two hundred million Russians, without the Russians – two in the truck,” the first joined the Western sanctions against Russia. With Belarus (which, seemingly, nowhere closer to us) in fact too not all is simple. Russia is hardly in doubt, whether to give Lukashenko another loan or sell him for a pittance of oil, begins as outright blackmail in the same spirit: “If you don’t like, then we go to Europe, and the U.S. we are interested in… what do You want a NATO base in the hours of summer from Moscow?”

In Africa, things are not better: our former satellites (such as Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia), obliged us to build roads, schools and factories, now “give” to China, literally bought their loans. Egypt asks again like in friends, but to rejoice prevents one boring fact: 40 years ago this Republic quickly went over to America, forgetting multi-billion dollar “gifts”, the supply of weapons and a contingent of Soviet specialists on the Arab-Israeli war. All willing to take our help and our money, and then safely throw, is on the horizon to appear more generous sponsor.

Ошибка России в том, что она уверена, будто добро запомнят
Good to their own detriment. Why Russia forgives debts to other countries?
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The Germans forgive, not us

– Russia in 1877 entered the war with Turkey, when the Turks suppressed the April uprising in Bulgaria, massacring 30 thousand people, – says Konstantin Velchev, the Bulgarian businessman. – The Bulgarian nation was then on the brink of destruction. But very soon it was forgotten. Our Republic is too small, such countries are always looking for the patron Saint of hunting to lean to someone who is richer and stronger. To free the Bulgarians could only the Russian army but was worth it to drive out the Turks – we began to worship the West. The errors of Russia that she is sure, if good remember. Actually people have a short memory.


And when the Russian Empire and the USSR, and now always work the same way: we are with someone make friends, help, and Finance – and eventually we were sent to the known address with the words that we still have to stay. Yes, we should frankly admit: we’re not angels managed to commit follies in their mutual relations. However, the same Germany has quietly forgiven for the millions killed in concentration camps. The U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but in Japan, Americans love. United States troops burned Vietnam Napalm – the government of Hanoi has attracted investments from Washington, and strongly hints that no problems in the past… Algeria does not put forward claims to France for a bloody war in 1954-1962, with lots of victims, because now is a friendly state. We are not nuclear weapons were used, Napalm didn’t burn, but are in the “always poor”. What is there to do? At least not to rush to anyone who is smiling and paying compliments, with open arms. Everywhere not to give out loans. Not pay with the blood of our soldiers for the freedom of a foreign country. At least then it will be not so insulting.

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