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The dollar is falling, why is everybody silent?

The dollar is falling, why is everybody silent?

Курс доллара падает, почему все молчат?

You know, what is the paradox of the development of Russian democracy? Real democracy, when the population does not hold for suckers, and honestly talking to him. And so they say, an expensive population, yesterday we wrote about the complete collapse of the ruble and the Putin regime, predicted the complete failure of his policy at all levels and at all sympathised with those who have not purchased the $ 78 rubles…And you know, Putin again managed to keep the situation!

Let’s be honest, life in Russia is quite satisfied with me personally: I have my own business, my own home, the opportunity to get in Moscow everything that the citizens of the developed cities in the world. Indeed, personally I live quite well-fed and full of impressions life, for which to thank a lot of guys from my team and all those who were able to create the conditions under which I live. I mean, really, can I say thank you also to Medvedev or Putin, what’s wrong with that? In fact, I say thank you for the lack of global corruption in the field of advanced technologies, where corrupt officials simply have not figured out how to chop cabbage like me.

And there is one global cant in the modern development of the country: a total dependence on energy prices. The dependence relaxes people, making, in principle, talented and capable people into vegetables, which is the motivation of constant waiting for something or someone! The poverty of the Russians that has me sincerely worried. Poverty and total depression, with the associated poverty.

That’s why I often support the European or the American model of societal development. You know? Not because I am very close to Barack Obama or Angela Merkel! But because European and American society, at the expense of developed national economies, can sell their products or services worldwide. Due to the incoming flows of currency, the peoples of those countries, too well fed, but not at the expense of someone’s will “to give or not to give the petrodollars to the slaves”, but at the expense of their own development! Only.

Any democracy begins with honesty. And we have the impression that clashed somewhere above the sword of Bentley owners and their envious)! “Ooooh, come on Bentley, you fuck like this, we immediately see that the monster, if at Bentley”. But Bentley pull over, get out of there man is quite ordinary well-groomed man with an honest business, it can still be called a freak! The main argument – an honest man at Bentley won’t work! That’s even if he shows now present a Declaration of income, will say: “If he bought a Bentley that he help not buy?” All. That’s the point.

The course really is reduced, America really gives us a second chance for rehabilitation, agreeing to certain concessions in Syria. Oil prices against this background, show small growth. The ruble exchange rate with a peak of 85 roubles is reduced to 70. Why is the media silent?

Why not tell the public that the country really gets a chance to restart relationships with the world? This is not an excuse all past epic failures, but a clear positive shift in the direction of a possible solution of Russian problems. Who knows, maybe a call to Putin, Obama may become the starting point of change in the country?

But liberals are silent. They are preparing for the elections to the State Duma. On the one hand, strategically “silent” is correct: there is no need to show weakness against Putin’s policy. On the other hand, society through such strategies are taught to perceive only “black” and “white”. If you’re a liberal, then brand Putin always and under all circumstances, if you are the ally of the current government, the geezers in opposition to the last.

There is a high probability that the September elections will take place in an atmosphere of “black and white” Russia, when not essential will be no course, no sanctions – nothing. One part of the population will have a conditioned reflex on the command “FAS” when just seeing the opposition, and in the second part of the population will produce the same conditioned reflex, but only if the form fans of the existing political regime.

So don’t brand people ahead of time. Got 70 bucks? Rejoice. Will the $ 90 will find words of criticism. And then the world behind the doors of your apartment will not be shared on the cotton wool and liberasty! Personally I’m waiting for the dollar of 50 and full of confidence that he this indicator will increase up to October)

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