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The dog chewed the baby. Who is to blame?

In Tver the dog snapping at children. The other day running around the yard without owner, large dog bitten to death a small dog and bit the child.

The first incident occurred on April 9 in the neighborhood “South” on the street Mozhaisk.

Пес погрыз ребенка. Кто виноват?

“The dog, like a Sheepdog with a light person, under the tail attacked a small dog and bitten her to death. The child, trying to save his dog, was bitten, his dog bit your hand,” writes TIA.

The announcement of this case came to the editors via social networks. “Today 10.04.16 man in green camouflage and wearing black civilian hat conducted a survey on this occasion, showed pictures napasai dogs on the tablet. Looking for owners! Can someone heard about this case or knows?”.

And it’s not unique. In the group “Overheard in Tver” published a video in which a large black dog runs over to the child with a small dog. Author Victoria Shevchuk said that the accident happened to her child on April 9, Zagorodny str.

“Please help! The girl was walking on the Playground with your little dog . Ran to her the big black dog yard breed, with a collar, without a master , the dog began to wag our dog in front of child , then this sebacina bit my daughter! From the received wounds our dog died, and the child has received not only physical but also psychological trauma! Who witnessed this incident or who knows the owner of this dog please respond!!! For repost thank you!” – says Victoria.

Online a lot, hoarse arguing what to do with stray dogs that are a danger to others – to kill or be caught and put in shelters… But practice shows that most often the danger is not homeless, namely the domestic dog, poorly bred and supplied by the owners unattended and without a muzzle.

So in both cases in Tver dogs that attacked children had collars, that is, were not homeless.

What’s wrong?


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