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The derzhrybagenstvo selling oceanic fleet of Ukraine

Госрыбагенство распродает океанический флот Украины

The derzhrybagenstvo of Ukraine adopted the decision to begin the sale of Ukrainian oceanic fleet.

This decision, they substantiate the fact that many ships are not upgraded , and each year the content becomes more expensive.

The main problem of the Agency was that they created the Fund was unable to attract foreign investment. And therefore the shortage of funds has become an urgent problem to be solved by selling boats.

This Fund was supposed to Finance new developments in the fishing industry: the development of new regions to catch fish, modernisation and purchase of new vessels and the development of science in this direction.

Originally, the creators decided that the funds will be transferred to the state budget with taxes and fines of all kinds, will cover all necessary expenses, but as time has shown – these funds are insufficient.

Therefore, collectively the staff Rosrybolovstva it was decided to terminate the contract of freight, after which court to privatize and sell the metal. All funds received will go to the account of the above Fund, and then may be used for other purposes.

But the oceanic fleet will not contribute to the development of this industry, and if the great minds of Rosrybolovstva don’t understand then you can say goodbye to profit from freight charges and with the ability to take any place in this field.

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