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The cosmodrome “East” could not launch “Soyuz-2” in April

Космодром "Восточный" может не запустить "Союз-2" в апреле

The lawyer of Fund on struggle against corruption (FBK) Love Sable said on 28 March that the launch of the Vostochny cosmodrome scheduled for April of this year, may be delayed.

Data investigation of the Foundation confirm the recent statement by the Deputy Director of Spetsstroy Alexander Mordova that the commissioning of the first stage of the Vostochny space centre is being delayed. According to Moldova, the delay is due to the fact that from January to March 2016 was made more than 200 changes associated with specification of the source data and errors in the documentation. These changes require placing orders for the purchase of materials and equipment, its inspection, adjustment and test. Along with this Mordovets stated that the objects of at least technically ready, and all civil works completed.

Love Sable told Rus2Web that mean errors in documentation and why “Soyuz-2” will not be able to start in the next month.

“The situation with the cosmodrome “East” outraged not only corruption, but also a big mess. We conducted an investigation and based on open sources determined that the object to trigger at least the spaceport is not ready. Although Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin (Putin appointed Rogozin main coordinator of the construction of the cosmodrome “East” in September 2014 — approx.) claims to the contrary. Objects is not completed, there are no acts of their commissioning and, moreover, as it turns out now, even project documentation is not ready yet. This year alone, from January to March, was conducted more than 200 amendments and corrections errors in the design documents. That is, the work is carried out in reverse order.

In accordance with the town planning regulations should initially be drafted that passes the state examination. Only after there is confirmation that the project complies with all the requirements of town planning legislation, we can begin construction. Here is the opposite. Last year I was told that the construction is carried out without the project and the state examination, based on the data of public procurement. Now this in an interview to TASS confirmed and responsible for the construction of the cosmodrome Aleksandr Mordovets.

In 2015, we spoke directly to Rogozin, that he controlled the quality of conducting works. All the cases that I and more than a thousand people sent to him via my website and through the form of sending appeals to the Government of the Russian Federation, he ignored.
I am sure the violations will affect the quality safety of objects, no question about it. Moreover, there were reports that the rocket “Soyuz-2” does not fit to the technical complex, where it should meet.

President Vladimir Putin, as the entire leadership of Roskosmos, aware of this situation, but they keep a blind eye on these violations and do nothing. In this situation, we just see no point to anyone requesting to investigate”.

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