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The consumer confidence index in Russia fell below the Bulgarian

Индекс потребительской уверенности в России упал ниже болгарского
All components of the consumer confidence index are in deep negative territory, reflecting the adequacy of Russian society and its assessment of the liberal socio-economic policies of government. The main question that would ask most of the people I interviewed Putin, sounded approximately so: “When you are finished with it …. (in the sense of “prostitution)?” Thus, adequately assessing the prospects of deepening economic crisis, the Russians hope that their personally he somehow bypasses: evaluation of personal perspectives, though also negative, is significantly higher assessment of the overall economic situation. The comparison of the first quarters, despite the seasonality exclusion, is not quite correct because of the differences of the situation: in the first quarter of 2009 and 2015, the Russians experienced a monstrous shock of the devaluation, and this year they have delivered. Accordingly, and people’s feelings should have been more optimistic than before, but we observed not in all. Russia is waiting for the crisis – and stronger, yet polite, requires the state to return from the hell of liberal reforms in the normality of socio-economic development.
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