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The consequences of de-Christianization of mankind?

К чему ведет дехристианизация человечества?

In the first week of Great lent, the feast of the triumph of Orthodoxy, the day of the 40th anniversary of his own Episcopal consecration of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, the Liturgy and rite of the triumph of Orthodoxy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, referring to the faithful with a primatial homily, touched upon the basis on which to build modern Western civilization and which is imposed on other civilizations, in particular, Russian.

And this is the basis of His Holiness called heresy, noting that today, not only centuries ago, heresies not only exist, but are attacking the Church. “Today we face a very dangerous, in my opinion, phenomenon in philosophical, political and spiritual life, said the Patriarch. — In modern times arose the belief that the main determinant of a person’s life, and hence society, is man himself. Undoubtedly, this is heresy, and no less dangerous than Arianism. Before was considered, that God governs the world through the laws He has established, and human society — on the basis of moral law which He has revealed in His word and reflected in the human conscience. Therefore, the laws of man trying to harmonize with God’s law; God and conscience have been the chief judge and the chief human authority for the court was the law of God. But there came a time when this fundamental truth has questioned and said, “No, God has nothing to do with it. Everyone has the right to believe, but it’s a personal thing, because there are unbelievers. Every individual has specific rights, including to determine for himself what is good and what is bad. So, there must be some universal criterion of truth, and as such can be only man and his rights, and society must be based on unquestionable authority human personality”.

Patriarch drew attention to the godless character of all revolutions, wherever they occur and in whatever clothing or ryadilsya.

“Thus began the revolutionary expulsion of God from human life. Initially, this phenomenon has swept Western Europe, America, and then Russia. Our revolution took place under the same banners and the same motto — destroy before the Foundation of the old world, the one in the center of which is God. We drank a bad Cup of suffering, our people and made a lot of martyrs and Confessors. As I speak today about my personal life, I will also say that my first teachers were the Confessors — my father and grandfather, passed prisons and camps, affected not because he violated state laws, and because they refused to betray the Lord and the Orthodox Church. And our people, as we know, went through all the tests and survived”.

“But today, the idea of life without God is spreading with new vigor in the scale of the whole planet. We see, as in many prosperous countries, efforts are being made to approve at the legislative level, the right of selection of any path, including the most sinful, contrary to the word of God. This is a dangerous phenomenon in life of modern mankind is called “de-Christianization”. Probably similar philosophical views would not be a heresy, if many Christians did not accept them and did not put human rights higher than the word of God. So we’re talking today about global heresy of chelovechestva — a new kind of idolatry, rend God from human life. Anything like this on a global scale has never been”.

Such a clear voice against the rise of demagogues and talkers, substituting spiritual social foundations of the Christian society, of course, hurt and still will hurt those against whom it is directed. And everywhere we hear the shouts and cries in defense of “tolerance”, i.e. relativism, about the production of the sign of equality between light and darkness on “legal” grounds that “legal law” is still and all are equal. It diavolova manipulative lies, playing on the pride of nobodies and working in the interest of those who cleverly pulls a gold-silver in muddy water, with people, “nothing solid” (the words of Russian philosopher I. Ilyin).

“Human rights” idolatry has brought Europe to the brink of existence, Christian civilization, we see it woochu. The very long-promised “sunset of Europe” takes our eyes visible outlines.

The collapse of Christianity in Western Europe threatened to drag in relativistic funnel “human rights” of the abyss all mankind.

It is to overcome this major heresy of our time that can lead to apocalyptic events, the Church must devote today because of their words and thoughts. We formulate very simple — we must defend Orthodoxy, says the Patriarch, and we must understand the full measure of severity, carried our Primate.

The Patriarch reminds us how “the apostles departed on the Roman road and head towards the Gentile world, who were throwing stones at them, and they were looking for common language with him”. The Russian Orthodox Church is concerned not only doctrinal issues, said the Patriarch, she is also very concerned about what is happening in the world, but with some problems alone can not cope. “Probably the worst problem today is the persecution of Christians, and I wonder why until recently it had not caused a hot response.

Lead data international organizations: every five minutes a Christian is killed in the world. Per day — about three hundred people, more than 100 thousand a year. Today Christians have fallen such persecution, what never was, — nor in the Roman Empire nor in the Soviet Union.

But we live as if nothing is happening, we are persecuting. In Iraq was one and a half million Christians left 150 thousand; in Syria one and a half million — there were 500 thousand. Of committing atrocities in Nigeria, the radical fundamentalists are killing Christians, slaughtering entire villages. The same thing happens in Pakistan, in Afghanistan — no protection. Man killed just because he’s in on Sunday to Church, and no one protects.

I had the opportunity to visit Syria at the beginning of the war. I saw how people lived there, how they were seized with fear, fearing that as a result of military actions there is a fatal — Christians will be destroyed or replaced. Later I met with the heads of many Orthodox and other Christian Churches in the middle East, and all with one voice asked: ‘do something we have no strength to defend, we die! And I talked about it loudly and at meetings with presidents of different countries, and at international gatherings, but as if no one heard anything…”.

His Holiness further explains what caused the recent historic meeting in Havana: “That’s when I had the idea to say that certainly all heard. And during the negotiations with the Pope, we agreed that we should get together and loudly, to the whole world, to make a statement about the persecution of Christians. This meeting took place, and the world speaks! Surprising: American Congress suddenly declares that the destruction of Christians in the middle East is genocide. I told you to say that is a genocide that Christians kill, not respond! And now the answer is, because the voices of East and West merged, and it was said about the most important thing that bothers all of us today.

We also had the opportunity to reject the Union. At the meeting in Havana and the Bishop of Rome agreed that the Union may not be the way to unite Churches, she always brings separation, as occurs today in Ukraine. We also said that Ukraine is not aggression from the outside, and the fratricidal conflict, and stressed that the split must be overcome by canonical, not by creating a mythical “one local Church”, where the splitters will join with the Orthodox and the Catholics.

I believe that the meeting of the Patriarch with the Pope was an important event. It was the first time in history, but for the first time in the history of the fall of such persecution of Christians, for the first time in a history of de-Christianization of human civilization — and we said so.

And now there is hope that we can work together, overcoming the damaging effects on the consciousness of modern man, each in his place, and those who are responsible in the West, and we in the East, together with his godly people.”

Press Secretary of the Patriarch wrote on his Facebook page: “a Very remarkable reaction to the Patriarch’s words. How many got worried, shook the foundations of existence, when suddenly clouded the sky dark with clouds. The same cold wind of the middle Ages, the other is a reference to the Basic law and to the Guarantor. And no, of course, no misunderstanding, no error of interpretation. There are just very clear and obvious to all, as always, Really. But the Truth it is often impossible to recognize because it violates our freedom to commit sin. So the accusers of the Patriarch thereby convict themselves in readiness to close one’s eyes to the Truth. … And just in case you need to set the following — the Patriarch proposes to cancel or challenge human rights, but notes the need to define the rights of individuals to their rightful and truthful place in the hierarchy of values.”

V. Legoyda was echoed by Miranka Oksana Ivanova: “Chelovekami, indeed, a heresy from the point of view of faith in the God-man and God-manhood, i.e., distortion, delusion, which can have dangerous consequences. The end of chelovekami, are we in Russia do not know after 100 years of inhumanity? On the other hand, attention to the person and care about him — of course, Christian values. Perhaps the Church is insufficient and unconvincing testified recently? In any case, according to N. Berdyaev, “the way to revival is through repentance, through the consciousness of their sins, through the cleansing of the spirit folk from demonic spirits. And, first of all, you need to begin to discern spirits””.

Enemy not today set in motion the most powerful financial and propaganda resources aimed at spreading untruth about the Tatars and attempts to discredit Orthodoxy, the Russian Church and personally to Patriarch Kirill.

Pounced on the Patriarch, first of all, Russia’s “progressive community”, like that and waited once again the reason for consistent barking in the spirit that Patriarch Kirill, say, opposed the Basic law of the Russian Federation, stating that “man, his rights and freedoms are the Supreme value.

The recognition, observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen — the duty of the state”. And cited Chapter 2, “Rights and freedoms of man and citizen”, Constitution of the Russian Federation, article 17 of which reads in part: “the Russian Federation recognizes and guarantees the rights and freedoms of man and citizen according to the universally recognized principles and norms of international law and in accordance with this Constitution”.

These principles and standards are now under threat of substitution, argue critics of the Patriarch. However, they substitute concepts. The highest value of the state socio-economic, indeed, are the rights and freedoms of the individual. And nobody is calling them to cancel. The Patriarch speaks of the spiritual values that are not afraid of these words, above state. Because if the highest spiritual value — the Lord God (the First commandment of Moses), the rights and freedoms of a person — second, and even tenth place. Recall “the defenders” that the U.S. Constitution based on the Bible; Protestants are very serious about the Scriptures.

How it looks at specific examples today? “All human punks” (definition of the poet’s Junny Moritz) — both European and Russian, Ukrainian, and here they are like twin acts as a nipple, that is one way. Protect “pusek riot”, protects the sadist and the gunner Savchenko, however, pays no attention to the junta arrested thousands of dissidents, torture and torment them, that some Kharkiv activists antimiani martoutsy courts already for two years, with no prospect of sentencing, when “the presence of absence” of witnesses.

“Tolerance” built in the absolute, sorry, “universal values” and is seated on the throne, in fact, as the idol. “The Overton window”, that is, impossible moves ever closer to the abyss: same-sex marriage, women bishops, change operation sex, third gender, juvenile justice, hasty termination of parental rights. And now watching the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt claims that homophobia is contrary to “the European future of Ukraine”.

This is the question of the future in store for Ukraine’s “Euro-integrators”.

However, in the West hear a sober voice, transverse destructive actions of the European elite dependent on state Department and multinational corporations.

“The government imposes media policy broadcasting, the people deprived of power, and secularism caused people to forget the Christian roots,” writes on the pages of Boulevard Voltaire French politician Christian Vanneste.

According to Vanneste, Russia took a course on the restoration of their national identity, while France is moving in the opposite direction.

“Can we preach to the people, which is 80% supported the policy pursued by its President, despite pressure from abroad! exclaims Vannest. — Because in France the same percentage of the population opposes moves by the President”. Unlike the “European technocracy”, “despise” national identity, Russia after the collapse of the USSR, by contrast, has taken even more to assert their identities, emphasizes the politician. In addition, Moscow did not reject Orthodoxy, and played an important part in its history, but in France secular “ripped” the Christian roots of the country, he laments. “President Vladimir Putin embodies the desire of this great nation to restore its rich individuality and regain a place in the world that is rightfully hers. As emphasized earlier many of us, it’s very much like our Gaullism”, — writes in conclusion Vannest.

And heresy of chelovekovedenija and “tolerant dechristianization” we should put a limit. Because today we are talking about life and death and Russian, and in General Christian civilizations, and the world.

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