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The body of the new smartphone Apple iPhone 7 captured the photo

The Network was found a few photos and even three-dimensional render of the new smartphone Apple iPhone 7, which is tentatively scheduled for autumn of the current year. The source of this wealth is unknown, and it is still possible that it’s fake, but if the images are not fake, then changes in terms of design the new “yablokofona” will be the minimum.

The most striking difference between the Apple iPhone 7 from its predecessors is the location of radiotransparent plastic inserts that are necessary for the smooth operation of antennas of wireless communication modules, whereas before they were made in the form of transverse horizontal bars, now they encircle the back of the case top and bottom. Posted photo suggests that the rumors about the appearance in the Apple iPhone 7 dual main camera will remain just rumors, is that Apple will find a way to integrate the two matrices in the same cell, which is unlikely. But the flash will still double, and even two-tone, which is well seen on the render.

Recall also that in the Apple iPhone 7 may be missing the 3.5 mm connector of the headset, which will replace the generic Lightning port. The obtained image can’t verify it, but knowing the love from Apple to make life difficult for his admirers, can not even doubt that the support set with a conventional connector will indeed be cut. Along with this upcoming Apple iPhone 7 may get waterproof body, improved dactyloscopy and more powerful processor.

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