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The bill offers to legalize the responsibility of man for his health

Рошаль предлагает узаконить ответственность человека за свое здоровье

The head of the research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal at the fifth Congress of the “National medical chamber”, whose President he is, offered to legitimize the individual’s responsibility for their own health. According to him, the Russian budget is seriously affected due to the fact that the responsibility for their health its citizens is completely missing.

The national medical chamber (NMC) is ready to take on a number of state authorities in the sphere of health protection. This was stated by the head of the organization Leonid Roshal at a meeting of the Council of the presidency of the organization. He stressed that the NRM meets all the necessary criteria and, thus, is the largest professional Association in the country – a member of the House is every third doctor.

In order to create a legislative base, the doctor offered to collect the Commission, which will develop necessary projects and establish the scope and responsibility indicators based on the opinion of the community of patients. “A required legislated responsibility of citizens for their health. What to do: fined, put in jail, not to provide treatment?…The state that is today, complete lack of responsibility of citizens for their health then results in huge financial losses for the state,” he said. As an illustration, the President of the “National medical chamber” has led to an alcoholic who broke his head, and asked, why not ask him about the treatment.

Statistics confirms the correctness of Leonid Roshal. For example, the mortality rate from alcohol Russia is one of the leaders. According to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), approximately 30% of deaths in the country in some way connected with the use of alcoholic beverages. According to the Federal drug control service in Russia in 2014 there were 8 million drug addicts.

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