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The besieged States of America and its agony

Осажденные Штаты Америки и их агония

In the header there is no error. I agree on the background information of the current prevailing hysteria about anti-Russian sanctions, he looks at least provocative. After all, it is Russia under siege, not the United States. This is our economy Obama has already torn to shreds, but that’s still moving, is going to tear as Tuzik radiators in the near future.

After all, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia has said that the U.S., hoo, there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks. This is because the Russian ruble roller coaster suits, rushing with dizzying heights at a rapid peak. So why in the siege of the US? But nevertheless, the title is not a mistake. Everything is indeed the case. We just forgot how to see through the veil of information noise in the essence of things. “The looking glass”, it is.

Let’s just try to understand the world in which we live. Yes, USA today is the largest and most powerful player in the contemporary political and economic world map. But this is their main problem. All that they could, they reached the end of the cold war and establishing the unipolar world. So twenty years ago. But “king of the mountain” has one unpleasant feature. Up there’s nowhere, with only one descent.

USA, destroying any visible competitors themselves had been in a position where there are only two ways. Or to bend the world for themselves once and for all, to create a sort of “Pax Americana” around the world or just down. And you cannot say that they have not tried. Over the past twenty years the United States did and has done much to “Western spirit” like the rest of the world. The same Asia and Latin America today looks much more similar to Europe and the US than a couple of decades ago. The dollar also reigns as never before. At the same time destroyed a lot of anti-American regimes in the middle East, in Central America. Almost completely “merged”, as it is now fashionable to say, as an independent power Europe. Even the Vatican, and he lost most of his independence.

So. But curb did not work. And the pendulum, as usual, began to move in the opposite direction. And the US had active offensive policy to go active yet, but already the defense. Now they look like Sisyphus, who was unable to lift the rock up the hill and actively plants his feet and hands to the stone, which started the movement down, crushed it under his weight.


All this while words. And where is the proof? “You want songs? Them is at me”

1. USA – England. The notorious fights of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. To marielousie OK not away nose, let’s call them England and the United States. England was seriously offended by “cousins”, which after the Second World stripped her as sticky. From the Empire where never the sun went down, left some lumps. Too costly for England “brotherly” assistance against the third Reich. But nationalism was invented by the British. And really what this nation no one can accuse, it is in short-term memory and supremecist. Started financial warfare against the dollar, active assistance in the formation of a new economic giant – China, all this “revenge of a cat of Leopold”. And it is still in the process.

Many guess, but still believe that gold from the United States flowed in an unknown to the public. Many see neblagopoluchnomu bloated balance sheets of major U.S. banks, but do not see that this is already eaten away from inside the Apple. The real assets of these giants is still a long time in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and a couple other quiet places. The U.S. is already one shell, the blower actively fed that earlier time have not shrunk. The dollar is still brave the pepper, but somehow with rotten. Too much weight pulling on himself and very tired. The last ten or fifteen years, American presidents literally howl that to carry that burden alone can’t threaten and if there is no assistance to bury with him all the rest. All this made England. Although she had lots of volunteer helpers.

Americans in its simplicity and audacity so got all that the world is increasingly focused not on how to reach the final of this protracted pieces, and how to use straw to loud collapse fat monster is not killed completely. The recent and unexpected behavior of the Swiss Central Bank just one example, when “everyone will be saved alone.” Shows how the world has changed and the attitude in the U.S., can serve as the tone of the different expert opinions.

If only two or three years ago, the General tone was “this can never happen”, now common refrain has changed to “when.” The US is individual defense. In recent allies were urgent matters, and they under different pretexts actively leave the trenches.

2. USA – Russia. If you read Western news “mainstream”, it looks like a sort of monster rising from the ashes of the destruction of the Western world. The most interesting thing in this, if just to trace all the stages of formation of this image, we see that Russia lift a finger to deserve such an attitude. And it was Russia. From the word altogether.

Today in Russia the power to the year before, was clearly focused on conflict-free coexistence with the West and USA in particular. Almost all of the power clans of Russia is more than satisfied. Here was earning money, where they are kept and spent. There was an active rest from “the works of the righteous and the unrighteous” here. Everything I wanted “our people”, it guarantees peace for yourself and capital, plus some fraction at least of the visible respect. Yes, even requested a piece of the overall power pie, but in a rather individual basis. But it did not happen.

Actually, not developed not out of greed or stupidity of Americans, how about this, you can often hear. There is not that level of idiots. There is another problem. In Russia itself. Today should share power with is quite adequate and seems to be a loyal Russian elite, as tomorrow Russia will become so strong that instead of your finger cuts off the hand. And not because the Russian elite wants more. This country. And the memory is not shorter than the English.

But even if it was possible to close eyes, must not be allowed otherwise. “Peaceful” Pro-Western and a strong Russia inevitably would have led to rapprochement between Russia and Europe. As a consequence of the strengthening of the latter as the centre of world power. The image of Russia – the enemy needs only to the United States. This allows you to continue to scare Europe with Russian bear. And fear allows you to control it. Plus nothing consolidates a nation in the United States, as usual the usual way the enemy who came to pick up the well-being of ordinary Americans.

And no matter what is the welfare achieved at the expense of robbing Russia. It’s already his. Crisis, revolution and war in Ukraine, instigated and orchestrated by the United States for the existence of a hard conflict with Russia, which intended to secure for the West as hostile to the way last. Yes, there are a host of other factors. Syria, Iran. But most importantly it is an outright confrontation, which can inflate endlessly in the media. But it is not specified. The project has stalled. Russia in direct conflict to drag failed. Money on the war, and in Ukraine, too, came to an end. The failure of the project is obvious. And from attacking the U.S. position is becoming more and more defensive with attempts at all to step aside and to pretend that America isn’t the problem.

It turns out very bad, but the attempts go. Moreover, even before the attempt to make Russia a monster and failed attempt to crush her under him. Failed “color script”, the script didn’t work with the promotion of nationalism. Didn’t work “Caucasian” scenario. And even the current sanctions in the first place do not beat around the common people (although for us too), and on those who are most tightly associated with the West, by those who potentially as an internal supporter of the U.S. and the West in principle. After all, the sanctions in the first place beat is not for real, and parasitic on the economy. The one that so far has ensured a regular inflow of dollars in the United States. Today’s acceleration of capital flight from Russia, this is the last wave. Followed a complete cessation of flow, quite seriously supported afloat the dollar. And the United States began to rush. They are still trying to do something. But it turns out worse and more expensive.

3. USA – Europe. Even loyalty to Europe is no more voluntary, becomes financially burdensome. For the failure of the Scam Boeing had to pay the return home of all the gold reserves of the Netherlands. For tough anti-Russian rhetoric in Germany had to pay another 85 th tonnes of gold in December last year. Although after the previous 37 tons in 2013, both sides pretended that will stop. Some serious problems with France caught because of the United States with the “Mistral” and “Rafael” on a very large headstock. It turns out that the U.S. already milked Europe, and the latter uses the opportunity to bend “big brother”. Plans to reduce American bases in Europe this year is very strong indication that “the dead rose” and began an independent life.

4. USA – Israel. “Unsinkable aircraft carrier”, “most reliable ally”, many epithets some time ago was not perfect relationship between the U.S. and Israel. And now everything has changed. The continued attempts by the USA to expand to the middle East “suddenly” came into the strong reluctance of Israel to come for US himself. Moreover, the U.S. is to blame for everything solely by themselves. Simply overworked. Promised to resettle the territory of Ukraine is increasingly under question. The attempt to achieve peace with Iran in defiance of Russia by essentially surrender with the acceptance of almost all demands of Iran on its nuclear program in Israel causes active rejection. Makeup ISIL, which potentially bears for Israel, the threat is even more rejection. Even with Syria. Israel of course under the guise of trying to solve certain problems with a neighbor, but still remembers that a very long time it was the Syrian part of the border was the most peaceful. And now the President of Israel to visit the United States “does not find in your schedule time to meet with the President of the United States”. More slaps to strike hard. And this discrepancy in the positions weakens US from the inside. The influence of the Jewish community in the U.S. it is difficult to overestimate.

5. USA – Saudi Arabia. In words yet friendship – gum. But inside seething. The Saudis are too much tied to the United States in terms of their capital. All of their money simply in America. And trust that the money will be safe. But the USA doesn’t want this money to give. And the Saudis absolutely are not eager to fight with ISIL, at the request of the U.S. was raised, petted and cherished. Don’t want to, but I feel like I have. Plus ISIS brazenly produces oil and sells it for a pittance, acucela traditional Saudi glade and marring established business, which forms the basis of the Saudi economy. And started dancing with tambourines. The price of oil on the floor, massive bankruptcy and reduce investment in American oil industry. And this is a threat to the stock market. The stock market and the threat of inflation with the prefix Hyper-. While inflation is a threat to the dollar. But to rein in ISIL USA can’t either. Then Assad in Syria will finally stand. Then the newly formed independent Iraq. Then a threat at all forever or a very long time to lose any influence in the middle East.

6. USA – China. I love the massive arguments about what China will never go against the US, as trillions of dollars in treasuries a lot of money to lose. And let’s put the question differently. What is better to lose all or part? What is better, being the first economy in the world, to occupy leading position. Allows you to quickly and easily fight off any losses or to acknowledge himself a vassal without the right to vote, and with it, lose everything you have achieved considerable labour and perseverance? I think the answer is obvious. China is now a very competent policy. It doesn’t fit in the leaders of the opposition, losing the role of Russia. But it is actively expanding its advantages in all spheres. In the economy, politics, the military sphere. A lot of international projects have already made the China upon the leading nation. BRICS is a project of the Rothschilds, along with Russia and China. And China has a major share. All of Southeast Asia, even Australia it is economically tied to China. Active work with Myanmar must solve the problem facing the Indian ocean, bypassing the Strait Malacky. The same purpose is the establishment of a naval base in Pakistan. In Latin America, China is our number one partner. And the construction of Chinese money in Nicaragua parallel to Panama canal will reinforce this status. By the way, to protect this channel will be the Russian naval base. The USA just does not have time to respond to the China all over the planet.

And the challenges grow. And is already moving actively in the financial area. Today direct repo transactions with China in RMB have dozens of different States.

By and large today there is no one political, the more geopolitical areas where the U.S. would not tolerate the collapse. No one successfully completed the operation after Libya, and there messed up so that still will not understand. “Arabskoy spring” had to “merge” the same as everything else. Not pulled. The United States is increasingly, not in words, but in fact alone. Rats actively flee the sinking of the Titanic. Why the feeling of siege and of the inevitability of defeat only grows.

But the problems within the United States. The us elite under existing conditions, has neither chance nor will to Association. Obama for seven years, under panaoramic such that it denies all of the political elite. No one wants to share the responsibility. Moreover, inside the country more and more stronger confidence that the abscess needs to be drained. And the sooner the safer for all. The Republicans need a crisis even before the change of President. They absolutely do not want to clean up the problems that can be hung on them. Much better if they would heroically to pull the country out of the ruins, where it was driven Obama. Then they get written off. But in the camp of the Democrats are no better. The same Clinton absolutely is not eager to be associated with its predecessor. If the crisis is drawn, it can actually bury the democratic party. Where better to do it now, while there’s still time to step back raving about the President. Actually when Obama with anguish, declares that “broke” the Russian economy, it is nothing more than an attempt to convince internal audiences. It’s not as bad as it actually is.

“But they shoot horses”. Not to suffered. And tortured my agony all the others.

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