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The army received modernized anti-aircraft complex “Armour-C2”

Военные получили модернизированный зенитный комплекс "Панцирь-С2"

The division modernized anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (zrpk) “Armour-C2” entered service of the Vladivostok anti-aircraft missile regiment. This was stated by the representative of the press service of the Eastern military district Roman Martov, reports TASS.

“Self-propelled missile and gun ad “Pantsir-S2” put on combat duty, covering the sky the main base of the Pacific fleet. In the second half of this year, Vladivostok regiment supplemented by a set system s-400 “Triumph”. Now his calculations are scheduled retraining,” — said Martov.

“Vladivostok regiment” means 1533-th anti-aircraft missile regiment equipped with S-300ПС. At the end of 2015, the industry passed a set of military systems With-400 “Triumph” designed to re-equip the regiment. Previously, in 2012, systems With-400 received 589-th anti-aircraft missile regiment deployed near (in Nakhodka).

The Pantsir battalions are included in the regiments of s-400 as a means of defense from air attack weapons (including cruise and anti-radar missiles) in the near zone.

“Armour-C2” is a modernization complex “Pantsir-S” tests completed in mid-2015 and recent service. The first run of the complex took place in September 2015 at the Ashuluk firing range during a training exercise “Combat Commonwealth — 2015”.

Anti-aircraft missile and gun systems 96К6 “Pantsir-S” was created in the Tula “instrument design Bureau”. The first versions were developed in early 1990-ies, subsequently, the complex was completely redone in the execution of export order for the United Arab Emirates (complex “Pantsir-S1”). The modern version officially adopted by the Russian air defense forces in 2012.

The complex is equipped with quick-firing 30-millimeter automatic guns 2А38М and guided missiles 57Э6Е with the boundaries of the affected area up to 18-20 kilometers in distance and up to 15 kilometers in height.

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