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The Apple iPhone money on Android

We’ve all heard about the Chinese “IPhone” on Android with an antenna for the TV and know that this is a common fake. However, even the original iPhone can run OSes from Google, if you approach this decision with the right hand. Did an American developer Nick Lee (Nick Lee) Studio Tendigi.

Nick Lee has created a special case for smartphone Apple iPhone, looking, of course, clumsily, but fully working and performing all functions assigned to it. Inside accessory fit special HiKey Board that simulates the filling of the usual smartphone, and with it there are additional components, including the battery and a long wire, on the end of which is the Lightning connector. As a result of all works on the screen of the present “IPhone” can indeed run Google’s Android, although with certain restrictions.

Nick Lee used to do this, tailored specifically for this case a unique build of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and it runs not instead of the regular iOS, and directly as a standalone application. The resources of the smartphone does not spent, because the electronics in the case have own power system. Note that in case there are HDMI and USB ports and even a microSD slot — something which is lacking in all of iPhone.

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