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The Apple iPhone 7 may be frameless

Online published a new photo of a smartphone, much like the products of the Apple Empire. Source of the picture says that it imprinted itself Apple iPhone 7 smartphone, the announcement of which is scheduled for autumn this year, and which has manifested a new previously unknown feature, namely: the absence of side frames near the display.

Of course, rumors of the possibility of edge-to-edge of IPhone have been circulating for several years, but it was neither the iPhone 6 or 6s, or their larger version with the prefix Plus. It is quite likely that the Apple iPhone 7 will have a screen of this kind, because he really needs to impress potential buyers and offer them something that is not present in its main competitors. According to analysts frameless “IPhone” would be a kind of transitional stage between a conventional flat cell phone and a smartphone with a curved screen and a bitten Apple on the case. His appearance is tentatively scheduled for next year, but Apple is not confirmed.

Currently all the details about Apple iPhone 7 are kept secret, but they traditionally fall into the Net shortly before the announcement, we have to wait for them at the end of the summer. Recall that a few days ago on sale tiny smartphone iPhone SE that is a copy of 3-year-old iPhone 5s with a slightly more modern filling. According to the reports of Western journalists, much excitement in the U.S. he didn’t, and mile-long queues for it. However, they disappeared right after the helm of Apple got Tim cook, who succeeded in 2011 of Steve jobs.

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