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The American showed six years ago bought a meal from McDonald’s

Американка показала купленную шесть лет назад еду из "Макдоналдса"

A resident of the United States Jennifer Lovdahl tried in the experiment to establish how long you can store food from the restaurant chain “McDonald’s”. To do this, she kept her “happy Meal” in the office for six years. This was reported on the website Mashable.com.

By the end of this period, a set of chicken nuggets and small fries still looked fresh.

In his message in the network Facebook American noted that the dish was not spoiled, not zaplesneveluju and not rotten. He had only the smell of cardboard.

Given the results of the experiment, she suggested that in the dishes “McDonald’s” contains a large number of chemical substances. “Packaging is decomposed earlier than a meal. It’s disgusting,” she wrote.

The network of fast food restaurants McDonald’s was founded in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. Their first restaurant they opened in San Bernardino, California. Currently ranks second in the number of restaurants all over the world after the Subway system. In 2015, McDonald’s opened in Russia 59 new restaurants against 73 points a year earlier. In 2016, the network plans to open approximately 60 company-owned restaurants, as well as to continue the development of the franchise.

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