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“Thank you grandpa for the Victory”

"Спасибо деду за Победу"

Vladimir Yevgenyevich Churov is the sweetest, cutest people, but it just so happened that he was the bogey. As soon as it comes to it, one automatically thinks about 146%, although personally he those notorious interest in no way painted. It just so happens that it’s always a t-shirt will show off this room. It so happened that at the mention of his name far too many people in my head involuntarily arises the slogan “Thank you grandfather for the Victory”, although the slogan has come up with another grandfather and another matter. And in General the supervisor does not grandfather him in two weeks only will be 63 years old and he’s a few months younger than our President, and even the Russian President’s grandfather so no one will call! Maybe someone confuses white beard Vladimir Evgenievich? Because of which it sometimes called a Wizard? Maybe it’s in the beard. But it just so happened that the magic Churov concluded. And for the victory will thank someone else. And someone else will cleave any other percent – maybe even more than 146. Why change such a nice person?

Because the expiration date has passed. Just nine years ago, has expired on another beautiful Central election Commission Chairman Alexander Albertovich Veshnyakov. Which is also not what it was impossible to find fault. But Alexander Albertovich went to the ambassadors, and Vladimir took his place. We will soon have elections, and elections should be the chief accountant. And the bookkeeper needs to be a new person. Perhaps even a female. But even if that face is Ella Alexandrovna Pamfilova, let’s have no illusions about the process. I suspect that future elections will be even vulgarae previous – and for this they need to have a pleasant face.


Not the supervisor personally arranged carousels, stuffed in ballot boxes of a pack of ballots, expelled observers from the plots and not the supervisor had added to that damn cent. The supervisor sat in a spacious office in Moscow, and all the dirty work no one knows comrades. Someone even thousands of miles away from the capital, though someone and five minutes ‘ walk from CHusovskogo staff. Churov didn’t have anything to count – he needed convincing to recognize that elections were fair, transparent and legitimate through and through. And to answer any questions, often explaining the inexplicable. And even if it does come Pamfilova – she actually manages to change? Except that would not, once in place Churov, to talk nonsense: Vladimir, I believe I considered it an honor to be in “the list Magnitsky”. Pamfilova like to say will not. But carousels and ballot stuffing to stop will fail too. It is, in fact, that year honestly and sincerely working on the protection of human rights in our country. So how well have human rights? That is the way elections will be. Honestly, sincerely and to no avail.

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