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Teachers and postmen forced to beg “to reduce wages”

Учителей и почтальонов заставляют просить «уменьшить зарплату»


On egregious facts told human rights defenders.

Earlier, the “Belarusian documentation center” reported a case that occurred in Minsk “House of furniture”, when all employees were forced to write a statement about giving them a weekend at their own expense, but to continue to go to work. Lawyer Vladimir Bukshtynov gave a professional assessment to such actions of the administration of the enterprise:

– As for the claim of the administration to employees under threat of dismissal, to perform work without pay in non-working hours (weekends, holidays), these actions constitute gross violation of the law, and under certain conditions can be regarded as an abuse of power.

Then, after making this fact public (article came to the site charter97.org), came to the store checks, after which people, who had already apply, could not go to work. To write any more such people are no longer forced. Then we were able to enjoy our little victory.

But we know other, even more egregious facts about the forcing of citizens to perform their duties at a lower rate, to do more work for the same money, cuts and other things. In order not to let our sources of information will tell you about the situation, without naming a specific location. In this case it is important to describe the situation as a whole and not to talk about specific violations.

So we know that on one of the rural mail “higher command”, called workers, were forced to write their statement “please reduce our salaries”. Wages in these offices ranges from 1 to 1.5 million, in place of retired people do not take, and forcing the remaining to fulfill their workload – often one postman need to get around in any weather about five villages.

It seems like some rural characteristics, where people are completely disenfranchised and powerless to oppose such lawlessness, because other work they have, but it is not so. Today we know, that such statements under threat of dismissal forced to write and top lieutenants of the ruling regime in elections – teachers. This information came from one of the Minsk schools! In addition, the student of one of Minsk colleges, enrolled to study this year, told us that his specialty next year will reduce, as there is no money.

As the post office, education we state, then, it is unlikely that such measures to save public funds have thought the Directors of the institutions, and were not imposed from above.

Became known cases of reduction of personnel. For example, in the trading network shops “Rublev” retrenching sellers, obliging the rest to do their job. When this information arrived that the labor exchange has ceased to register as unemployed. Person, resident, not only are unable to suggest any variants, but is not even registered.

These disparate cases are quite easily combined into a General picture that shows the real state of our economy. While we do not know that someone tried to defend their rights. Citizens silently write statements “please cut our salaries”…

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