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This drink will help get rid of kidney sand

Lemon water has many useful properties. According to doctors, the rocks and sand in the gall bladder and kidneys are the natural result of the failure of the body to withdraw the accumulated inorganic calcium formed as a result of the use of concentrated starches and sugars. With the constant …

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The main rules of nutrition in kidney sand

It all depends on the stone composition. When kidney stones first of all, keep in mind that you are prohibited all alcoholic beverages, spices, pickles, marinades, smoked meat, mayonnaise. But such Goodies as melons, can be eaten in large quantities. This is a General rule for all patients with kidney …

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What to do if a child in my eye sand

Experts told, what should be the first aid for sand in eyes. In the warm season sandbox is one of the most favorite pastimes for kids. And, unfortunately, without unpleasant incidents of the game in the sand can not do. So, what to do if a child in my eye …

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An amazing sight: black sand beaches. Photo

It is a miracle of nature.Usually, the various advertising brochures of the resorts we see the perfect, white beaches, caressed by turquoise, crystal clear waters. Using these images, a travel company with ease can cause customers ‘ desire to quickly leave the sea and enjoy the warm rays of the …

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