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Tablets lost tabletm in the fight for the market in Russia

Tablet computers are actively losing popularity in our country, and with it their market share, and there are two reasons that have nothing to do with the crisis. First, consumers finally realized the futility of all Android and iOS tablets in all spheres, in addition to entertainment, secondly, the country has been growing demand for phablets. Today they surpassed tablets.

Phablets are smartphones with screens between 5.5 inches and above, meaning they are compact tablets that you can call. So the customer better buy this unit, which, among other things, it is more convenient to carry, and this was reflected in sales statistics. According to a report by research firm J’son & Partners Consulting, in “Euroset” for 2015, has sold 7.5 million units and 6.1 million tablets, while in 2014 these options was 4.8 and 9.7 million, respectively.

In “the Messenger”, as in other distribution networks, there is a similar situation. lost the championship and continue to lose popularity, including at the expense of available hybrid laptops based full Windows. However, all is not so rosy in the smartphone segment: Yes, phablet sales are growing, but the total number of sold smart communications has decreased, and for the first time since 2009. And here’s all the fault of the touted “stability”, the economic crisis in the country.

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