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Syrian “birdhouses” turn in the trash the missiles of tow-2

Сирийские "скворечники" превращают в хлам ракеты ТОУ-2

The past week was marked by significant victories on the fronts of the war against international terrorism in Syria. However, one of the topics discussed was the massive use by the Syrian army system optical-electronic suppression of national development. The Syrians managed to establish mass production of these products, which has already managed to get the nickname of “birdhouses”, and start EN masse to install them not only on tanks and IFVs, but even on cars.

So, in the Network appeared the image of gentraco the Syrian army. This pickup made in Japan, in the body of which is a double-barreled small-caliber automatic gun ZU-23. Behind the fighter is a rod, the top of which is crowned by the above-mentioned optical-electronic system. This picture suggests that the production of the complexes was so massive, that there is an opportunity to put them even on light trucks. Earlier, in any conflict such facts were not recorded.

According to military experts, the use of such systems on light engineering is justified. Terrorists have recently received from their sponsors at the despots of the Persian Gulf and Turkey to a number of controllable anti-tank missiles tow that even a could afford the hunt for the truck and the jeep of the Syrian army and allied militias

Also became known some details of the design. Thus, the forum “Russia’s Strength” “Courage” it is reported that the power of this “birdhouse” is only 24V and a power of about 120W in operation, which, however, allows you to “turn off” the xenon tracer ATGM tow-2.

We must pay tribute to the Syrian specialists, who in the hardest conditions of the war were able to find an “antidote” against missiles, in the development of which was attended by leading designers of the largest military industrial complex in the world.


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