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SWIFT advises banks to test security

SWIFT советует банкам проверить безопасность

International financial SWIFT system after a hacker attack on the Central Bank of Bangladesh and the theft of his accounts of $81 million prepares recommendations to all banks to check cyber security, said Reuters the representative of the SWIFT.

Located in Brussels SWIFT unites about 3 thousand global units, in Monday intends to send written recommendations to banks with the request to check internal security.

“This is our priority now is to urge clients to strengthen the local operating environment if necessary”, – explained the press-Secretary of SWIFT.

Hackers broke into the computer systems of the Central Bank of Bangladesh in early February and tried to steal $951 million from the account of the regulator at the Federal reserve Bank of new York, which he uses for international payments.

Some attempts at translation were blocked, but $81 million was transferred to accounts in the Philippines.

Interim results of the investigation indicated that the attackers took control of the network of the Central Bank of Bangladesh, stole the credentials to send SWIFT messages and used “sophisticated malware” to attack the computers of the regulator, which it uses for processing and approval of transactions.

According to investigators, the attackers attacked and other financial institutions.

The report was prepared FireEye Inc ( FEYE.O ) and Informatix World who were invited by the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

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