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Successfully tested fighting robot “U-9”

While in other countries, topical subjects are selfie and a 4-inch smartphone three years ago, in Russia, successfully completed the test cycle fighting robot “U-9”. Of course, he is not humanoid, however, can fight the enemy on full is quite capable. In fact, it is the whole robotic complex, which will soon be in service in the army.

It should be noted that the robot “U-9” is 146% unmanned: Yes, he was taught to move independently and bend around obstacles, and even the target he makes himself, but the weapons (it’s the same battle robot) is controlled by a remote operator. “U-9” was created with the purpose of providing support, intelligence and fire in various operations, including anti-terrorist, so that every vile ISIS-sheep (banned in Russia for terrorist groups) will have hard times, when at them from behind sneaks up on such a miracle of Russian technology, armed with a coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm.

Instant brick production guarantee and anti-tank missiles “Attack”, which is “U-9” also has at its disposal. By the way, the machine gun and missile system could be replaced with other types of weapons according to customer’s requirement. Robot “U-9” shows not only the wonders of maneuverability, but also the almost complete lack of appetite, taking into account its mass: it consumes 35 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, although weighs 10 tons.

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