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Still going not leaving

Все равно еду не брошу

How is life weight Champions of the Guinness Book

Burden of past years — it’s about them. Few of weight the Champions manage to lose weight. Almost all sooner or later break down and attack the food. And among these people centenarians. After the news about the thickest person of Colombia, sent to the hospital on a fire truck, “the Tape.ru” has decided to find out how others live citizens “significant advantages”.

The name of the king

The thick Colombian citizen Oscar Vazquez Morales was taken to the clinic for weight loss on a fire truck, and 400-pound patient was loaded in the car for 20 men. But at least he decided to surrender to the mercy of the doctors! But the hardest person in the world, Khalid bin Mohsen Share in August 2013 was taken to the medical centre on the personal orders of king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. 22-year-old Khalid then for two years did not leave their homes because they could not move.

On arrival the sufferer from the South in one of the hospitals of Riyadh, the doctors found it weight: 610 pounds. This is a record of living on the planet anyone thicker Khalid no. In addition, he has a record-high body mass index — 204 (weight divided by the square of the height of a person in meters, the rainfall varies from 18.5 to 24.99).

Joint efforts to zauditu managed to get rid of 320 pounds — to lose weight more than twice. During treatment he improved the performance of the heart and lungs, stronger muscles — Khalid began to move his legs. Now he is able to navigate in a wheelchair, designed on special order.

Therefore, Khalid is no longer the fattest person in the world. But his record was recorded in the Guinness Book of records, and while he does, this dubious honor belongs to him.

Female power

Overall record-holder living women — 35-year-old Mayra Rosales. In “full bloom” Texan weighed 470 pounds, but now slimmed down to 91.

Rosales is absolutely not eager to record and gained the first popularity due to its striking obesity. Speak about it in the media in 2008 after she admitted that she accidentally crushed his nephew. During high-profile investigations nevertheless revealed that Maira is innocent: she covered the mother of the deceased boy and his sister Jaime, who had committed manslaughter, having struck the child on the head with a hairbrush for refusing to eat.

After a real criminal has received a 15-year sentence, Myra decided to lose weight to care for unaccompanied nephews. “They’re my motivation,” she explained, adding that the children were the first to be happy for her when she was finally able to move on their own.

Myra has participated in several television shows, including about losing weight. American now works as a consultant in a clinic specializing in the treatment of obesity.

Hercules doesn’t want to slimmer

The fattest child in the world (or rather, now a teenager) lives in Russia, in Kabardino-Balkaria. Since 2003 Dzhambulat Khatokhov, who is now 16 years old, was considered the hardest “flower of life”. By year, the boy weighed 17 pounds, and the first class of 115 (though not particularly voracity and was physically active). Now 226 pounds.

Все равно еду не брошу

Jambik Khatokhov

Photo: Epsilon/PhotoXPress.EN

The mother of Gambica the name of the Kabardian friends, told me that the mighty dimensions got a son inherited from his grandfather, nicknamed Hercules. Doctors advised to put the child on a strict diet. But the boy did not Express desire to lose weight, and because in health he did not complain, decided to leave it alone.

For his 16 years Russian has already become the star of several television shows and documentaries, including foreign ones, visited at the invitation of the journalists in Japan and the UK. He is going to become a sumo wrestler and win an Olympic medal.

To Sohnut love

Sooner or later weight Champions have serious health problems, making impossible the existence in the society. To live to old age with a weight of several quintals — another achievement.

The British citizen Paul Mason is the most senior in the list of living weight Champions, 56. According to him, he began to put on weight at the age of about 20 years. “Jammed” various emotional problems, including childhood emotional trauma. In 2010, when the weight reached the Floor of 444 pounds, he decided on a surgical reduction of the stomach.



Все равно еду не брошу

Paul Mason (to)

Photo: personal page of Paul Mason in Facebook


This decision was influenced by love — he met 40-year-old American woman Rebecca mountain, and made her an offer that a woman weighing just 50 kilograms answered in the affirmative. Paul moved to the bride to the States.

Five years after the operation, Paul lost weight to 120 pounds and then had another surgery — remove 21 pounds of excess skin. Alas, in 2015, the couple announced the breakup. But Paul and Rebecca have kept friendly relations.

Losing weight

The example Paul Mason shows that nothing is impossible: if you have the motivation and the help of doctors, you can lose not only tens, but hundreds of extra pounds. That’s just not all it is good for.

Most in the world in losing weight succeeded American John Brower Minnoch. He weighed about 630 pounds — just impossible to say, because on the scales John could not get up.

Все равно еду не брошу

John Brower Minnoch

Photo: shamshyan.com

Jon suffered from obesity since childhood. In 1978, when he was 37 years old, he landed in the hospital due to cardiac and respiratory failure. It took over a dozen firemen and rescue personnel, a specially modified stretcher, and a ferry to transport him from the island of Bainbridge in medical center at the University of Washington in Seattle. Discharged him from the hospital after 16 months of strict diet, amounting to 1200 calories per day. He weighed 215 pounds, has lost 419. This is the maximum documented weight loss among men.

Unfortunately, John it didn’t help. He was again hospitalized in 1981, after his weight grew to 432 pounds. The disease is recognized as incurable. John died on 10 September 1983 at the age of 41 years with a weight of 362 pounds. He is still listed as the heaviest man in the world, ever.

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