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Soon will tear off last skin?

Скоро сдерут последнюю шкуру?

As soon as prices fell for oil, I immediately heard complaints that all the budget money is not enough, but because we need to freeze salaries and even to be careful, under pain of punishment, to delay the payment of wages to workers.

However, only in January 2016, a delay of payments of salaries to the working people has increased by more than 20 percent. Where is the landing ?!.

For in the budget of the country has left a huge gap from a reduction of the proceeds of various taxes and fees, as well as foreign exchange earnings from the export of cheap energy resources, in Russia it began to be a creeping growth in the prices of goods, services and food.

I hope you’ve already read the message of the Moscow fuel Association, which two weeks of March at gas stations, some oil companies petrol has already risen by 0.5-0.6 rubles Even if it happened as a result of increasing excise taxes on gasoline, and this was the result of the fall in oil prices.

And now there has been a growth in oil prices. But is it really any hopes that prices will return to previous levels, that is reduced in 2-3 times ? Such naive no more.

Moreover, many, and I am convinced of this, I will say that the prices will start to rise again. But workers explain that the fact that oil has risen in price, and therefore will increase the price of gasoline and transportation costs and that the chain will pull the increase in all other prices, including prices for food.

It should be noted that the decline in living standards “Russians” had a significant impact on reducing household consumption – this figure fell by more than 10 percent. This means that the population has no money to buy not only durable goods and daily demand, but even food.

And here against the background of significantly increased prices, the government lowers the minimum wage in the country, compared with the previous quarter, at 221 rouble. And for half a year, the subsistence minimum in Russia was reduced on 565 rubles.

Why is this happening ? Is it because “popular prianiki” and bureaucrats “life became better, life became merrier” ? Or, maybe their life is not sufficient ?..

By the way, according to “Levada-Center”, mass protests against falling living standards and in defence of their rights believe that 70 percent of “Russians”. Well, of course ! After all, to tighten its belt to our people much more familiar. And any revolutions, civil wars and upheavals we don’t want.

In General, as we lived in “Wonderland” and continue. As we were in one place and continue to be there.

Perhaps the only people’s reaction to the situation – be happy with small that we have, is the presence of not yet peeled off the skins and the possibility to breathe free air.

Sergey Paliy.

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