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Snide comments. What, tomorrow still at war?

Yes, the Internet and many media outlets are very much concerned with the information that a number of MPs intend to submit for discussion a draft of a rupture of diplomatic relations with Russia. The action near the Russian Embassy in Kiev, another provocation, hysteria on the Internet — all the evidence suggests that the situation is heating up.

 Ехидные комментарии. Что, завтра всё-таки война? 


However, don’t too close take it all to heart. For a couple of reasons.

“Poor Savchenko”

Savchenko today again in the spotlight. Why, its there, it turns out that torture! Mostly the food. Of course, the Russian doctors not like Ukrainian, and definitely will bring the defendant to a logical end. That is, until 21 March, when will announce the verdict. Of course, humanism, and political considerations would allow Ukrainian doctors to Savchenko. That Ukrainian doctors after examination said that Savchenko not today-tomorrow will give the ends, no doubt. But that being said, you could swallow.

And if the person manages to openly rude and threatening judges… So, with the physical form he, or rather she, not so bad. Said transcripts, Savchenko is not food. Heard her perfectly the whole room.

By the way, to the issue of political prisoners. Mr. Kerry here recently, too, began to broadcast on a topic that Savchenko should be released. Say, this does not correspond to the Minsk agreements. Especially read those agreements again. Savchenko and here, I confess, did not understand. Apparently, PSAC in the head is not enough. Although why are you surprised? Whatever is done by Russia against the Ukrainian Donbass and questions that the Minsk agreements did not meet and will not meet. There’s nothing to be done.

On the other hand, the defender of the rights of the oppressed Mr. Kerry immediately following question: do Russian pilot Yaroshenko’s all right? It is clear that, by the by. Yes, USA is a great democratic power, so can afford to kidnap a citizen of another country, to judge and to rot in jail without medical care. So we have someone to learn from.

Although, in fairness it should be noted that Savchenko “picked up” in Russia. Unlike Yaroshenko. But who in the West interesting, isn’t it?

“The draft resolution on the termination of diplomatic relations”

Sounds menacingly. A group of deputies on 15 March will make for the next meeting of this project. And will be Glad to consider it. Or not. That is also possible.

A few words on the subject the authors. The initiators called Oksana Korchinsky (Radical party), Olga Chervakova (“Block Poroshenko”), Irina Sysoenko (“Self”).

Oksana Korchinsky it happens to be the wife of a Dmitry Korchinsky. The Patriarch of Ukrainian nationalists and the man who glorified himself, to put it mildly, strange and original statements. Zhirinovsky nervously Smoking in the corner.

Judging by the proverb, “the husband and the wife — one Satan”, the couple is fine. Apparently, the husband spells out everything that is cooked in his head, and the wife drags all this stuff in Parliament. Worked pretty well together. It was written this couple belongs to a bill prohibiting the territory of Ukraine called Russia the Russia.

For Ukrainian films can only rejoice. Have to apply imagination, and even for good money.

Well but (strange as it may sound) that the decisions and actions of the Ukrainian authorities identify the couple is not Korchynskyi, and most other people. From the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

The “Slovo I Dilo”

Yes, canonically always the first word, and then it. The word seems to be brought to the Parliament. The case for small. To pass a bill to approve and implement. And here begin the things which give the possibility to doubt that the law will go further than the nearest trash can.

Who needs to approve role Korchinsky? Properly, Poroshenko. Still the President.

Question, would he do that? Question strange. It seems that the deputies is the voice of the people. And if they accept your project, we need to say. But here’s the question, and want Poroshenko to leave for the sake of the ambitions of the two stoned individuals, with a factory in Lipetsk? Yes, the very same that “Roshan”, but he seemed not to belong. Although we all here are people who understand, how it is done.

And three times MP Boris Kolesnikov? He will also part with a favorite complex of “KONTI-RUS” in Kursk?

As Yevhen Cherniak? Though not a member already, but one of the five rich men in Ukraine. “Metropolis”, “Khortytsya”… Five joint venture distillery project in Russia. He, too, to say goodbye?

It is doubtful, to be honest. The ambition and folly of deputies is one thing, but confidence in the future is quite another. And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather, a watch can not just all, few people can do it… (with) V. Klitschko.

Now, these people look can. And, uniquely, have the ability to do so, Korchinsky and others like them, the future of just looking will not. Cherniak in these matters a professional.

In General, the Radical party, represented by Korchinsky, has long been trying to stand as the main anti-Russian force, leading the fight with the traitors in power. In traitors gentlemen radicals from time to time include and Poroshenko, and Yatsenyuk.

The bill Was a continuation of the same game. If there was a prospect of its adoption, it is doubtful that the radicals have become to make. After all, they need to look great patriots, than power, not to help Poroshenko to maintain some semblance of stability in the country, albeit increasing tensions with Russia.

And of course, none of the significant and independent parties (meaning controlled by the U.S. state Department) for this law not to vote. Or “BPP” or “Fatherland”.

Although, of course, from redsky can expect anything. It is possible to admit such a scenario is: filed, voted on and accepted.

This will be the most sophisticated in the whole history of method of suicide in the international political arena. Europe, which Ukraine is not needed in any way, just untie his hands. For Europe, which suffers losses because of the Ukrainian events, it would be a great excuse to wash his hands.

If we are really to be precise — in horror trying to distance itself from the Ukraine.

And it is really a fantastic option. Rather, anecdotal. To break off diplomatic relations, to declare war and then surrender. At the mercy of the winner. While 1st Panzer army will go to Kiev, to quickly negotiate your preferences and calmly dump far away. And the Russians may rake the mess that today is the place to be.

So I think there will be no war. And the breakup will be. Although, if so to take, the world either… And the relationship is not brotherly or neighborly. It can wait.

But — so far.

Author Roman Skomorokhov

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