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Smartphone Vernee Apollo cost $400 got 6 GB RAM

In China there is a new smartphone brand Vernee far-reaching plans — the owners intend to fill up the world market of affordable mobile phones with ultra-modern filling. The firstfruits company will be a smartphone Apollo, the cost and characteristics of which flowed into the Network. And Yes, we again compare it with iPhone SE, since the price tag for both devices is identical.

Apple SE iPhone with 4-inch screen and 16 GB of internal memory costs exactly $ 400, and Vernee Apollo for the same money the buyer will offer a 5.5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of Quad HD and memory at 128 GB, which is exactly eight times more. Further, the new AIO PC has 6 GB of RAM against 2 GB (rumored) in the 4-inch IPhone and a camera at 21 MP, while the fresh is the brainchild of Apple has only a 12 megapixel sensor.

Cores in the CPU Vernee Apollo 10 is a single-chip system MediaTek Helio x20 with LTE module inside, along with a powerful graphics card. The smartphone is also endowed with a fingerprint scanner, metallic, moderately thin body and the new USB type-C. Resolution selfie camera Vernee Apollo is not yet established, but all other features are quite standard: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow and two slots for SIM-cards. Release Vernee Apollo will be held in April at the price of $ 400.

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