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Smartphone Meizu Pro 6 learn to distinguish the effect of depression on screen

The upcoming flagship smartphone Meizu Pro 6, announcement of which has not yet taken place, may be one of the main competitors modern “IPhones” due to its ability to respond to the power of touch to your screen. This possibility became known after the publication of a screenshot of his OS in the microblogging system Weibo, which is similar to “Twitter”.

Smartphone Meizu Pro 6 is already one of the last stages of development has thrown all forces after discontinuation of production of the compact model Meizu mini Pro 5, which has been so many rumors. In fact, the function of determining the pressure force on the touchscreen already officially confirmed, as the screenshot was published on the Internet the chief designer of Meizu.

While it is unknown how this ability can be used, because Android does not yet exist the relevant applications, but surely a solution will be found, moreover, not so long ago took the announcement of Gionee model S8 with the same skill. However, it is also not yet on sale, so this feature is currently exclusive to the iPhone from Apple. Specifications Meizu Pro 6 not disclosed, but in order to attract attention, only one of the analog Force Touch he is unlikely to be enough, because his rivals are very strong. This means that you can safely put on the presence within it of a powerful stuffing, gracefully combined with an attractive price and stylish design.

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