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Smartphone Apple iPhone Bluetooth SE disliked

Smartphone Apple iPhone SE, which was positioned as the most ideal in all respects “IPhone” (a powerful, compact, modern and generally jobs is not dead, but had gone out to smoke), was, as might be expected, the most common mobile phone with its disadvantages (the advantages he has, as we have seen, no, because he was late for the next three years).

“Happy” owners of this gadget with outdated screen began to complain about unstable Bluetooth connection between it and a wireless headset, and complain EN masse. Moreover, Apple iPhone frankly SE does not want to work consistently not only with a headset that plugged into your ear, but with the headset, equipped with four wheels, that is with a car hands free he also does not friendly. This “joint” does not depend on the brand of car, because the Internet was flooded with complaints from owners of various cars, including premium brands like Infiniti, Mercedes and their ilk.

Further, the instability of the wireless connection is not related to the firmware of the device, as it is observed on SE and Apple iPhone with iOS 9.3, and 9.3.1 with iOS, and even with the release region and mobile operator there is no connection. Hence the conclusion: the problem lies in the bowels of the electronics unit, and therefore the question arises: what’s next fall off at shabby 4-inch “IPhone” at the price of the car VAZ-2106, if even with Bluetooth to be stable in 99% of all modern smartphones, there arise such problems?

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