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Smartphone Apple iPhone 5se can stay another week

In the Network appeared rumors about the postponement of the announcement of the new smartphone Apple iPhone 5se for another whole week ahead: if before everybody talked about his appearance on March 15, it now argues that his show will take place on March 22. Rumors, by the way, this time came not from China but from South Korea.

This is the third date on which network sources administered announcement of the new smartphone Apple iPhone 5se — in addition to 22 and March 15, assumptions were made to March 1. Apple, as always, is silent and does not react, allowing unknown parties to do totally free advertising and to attract attention — this is also a PR, though not paid. According to the latest information, the smartphone Apple iPhone 5se will gather on the A9 processor and add to it support payment system Apple Pay and the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, along with two speakers near the Lightning port.

But, if we are talking about the new model in the index is present figure 5, when in the autumn of this year is expected arrival of the iPhone 7? The answer, actually, is simple: because everything new is well forgotten old. While the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 7 coming designed for those who keeps up with the times, Apple iPhone 5se is created for connoisseurs of the classics. This device stands out primarily for its tiny by today’s standards a screen diagonal of 4 inches: it is needed here because many of the “ablatively” dream to own a compact device with a modern filling. Well, let’s see what happens to Apple in the end. Wait, in any case, less than a month.

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