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Skvortsova has told to Putin about increase of life expectancy of Russians

Скворцова рассказала Путину о росте продолжительности жизни россиян

The life expectancy of Russians has increased to 71,2 years, said the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin. According to her, more so for men, and the difference between the life expectancy in men and women has decreased, reports TASS.

“Drink less?” — laughing, asked Putin. “Partly Yes, because the mortality of the working-age population decreased significantly, by 4.5%, which is more than 21 thousand 200 people. First of all, it is men aged 35 to 60 years”, — said Skvortsova.

Among contributing factors the Minister called a change of lifestyle, reduce Smoking and everyday drinking. “Safety on the roads, providing timely help for medical, and prevention, of course,” Putin said a number of factors. All the President mentioned indicators, as noted by Skvortsov, there is a positive trend.

The Minister also spoke about the continuing trends of an aging population. “24 percent of our population is already over 60 years of age, contributing to mortality of older age groups is of 74.5 percent,” she said.

Summing up the work of last year, the Minister as one of the important indicators called the decline in infant and maternal mortality — more than 12 and 11 percent respectively. Skvortsova also said that in 2016 it is planned to complete construction of 32 perinatal centers in 30 regions of Russia.

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