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On the Internet more and more popularity is gaining the old video where the Prime Minister and then people’s Deputy, Yatsenyuk theatre requires the reduction in utility tariffs and gas prices, as well as the immediate carrying out of some reforms.

It is reported sprotiv.org.

“If this does not happen, it means that the gas price will lower, and all proceeds from your pocket in the first place, will go to new gas magnates from the entourage of President Yanukovych,” — said Yatsenyuk in 2013 during the program Savik Shuster.

“When Azarov (Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2013. — sprotiv.org) said that the IMF demands to raise gas tariffs, reduce salaries and freeze pensions, he, to put it mildly, not telling the truth. Let him say the truth that each of you needs to obtain the gas of the Ukrainian production. The population of Ukraine consumes 18 million cubic meters of gas, and produces Ukraine – 20. Ukraine is a very rich country – the government, however, fools”, — said Yatsenyuk-an opposition leader.


However, two years of Premiership of Yatsenyuk rates not only decreased, but increased significantly. For example, only one of the increases in the prices of gas was 6 times.

In particular, the Prime Minister now says that the need to raise natural gas prices for the population is the responsibility of the entire political class.

Not so long ago Yatsenyuk announced another increase in gas prices for domestic consumers from 1 April 2016.

In this March 1, the price of electricity for Ukrainians increased by 25%, and from September 1 will increase by another 30%.

By the way, Yatsenyuk called Azarov as his personal credibility. Video.

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