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Shareholders of Daimler quarreled because of sausages

Акционеры Daimler разругались из-за сосисок

Shareholders in German companies, Daimler, disrupted the meeting due to the lack of sausages, reports Bloomberg. The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 6.

The event was interrupted after two investors had a fight near the cafeteria. It is reported that one shareholder put it on a plate with several sausages that do not like being near the woman. The altercation escalated into violent conflict, which pay off only managed to the arrived police officers.

The cause of the incident was the lack of food at the meeting. According to the representative of Daimler, Silke Walters, shareholders were purchased 12.5 thousand sausages, while the event was attended by 5,5 thousand people. It turns out that each investor had only about 2.2 sausages. “We either have to buy more sausages, or not serve them at all”, — concluded the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daimler Manfred Bischoff.

It is noted that on the eve of investors has approved the payment of dividends over the past year in the amount of € 3.25 per share. This would be enough to buy a whole pack of sausages.

Daimler AG is a German automobile maker with headquarters in Stuttgart, was founded in 1883. By the end of 2015 the Corporation’s net income attributable to equity holders of the company increased by 22.5 percent, to 8,936 billion euros. Revenue increased 15 per cent to 149,467 billion euros. The concern owns 11 percent of shares of Russian “KAMAZ”. In 2014 the number of employees of the German company was 279,9 thousand people.

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