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Sewage from the plane punched a hole in the roof of a residential house

Нечистоты из самолета пробили дыру в крыше жилого дома

The Ministry of transport of Canada explains the circumstances of the damage to the roof of a private house in the capital Ottawa. The daughter of the owner of the cottage believes that a hole in the roof struck the so-called “blue ice” — frozen sewage falling out flying over the home of the airliner, reports CBC News.

The incident occurred last Sunday, about two o’clock in the morning. 36-year-old woman, spent the night at her mother’s house, woke me up, in her words, “awful noise”. Outside the room, she saw the hole in the ceiling of the corridor leading to the bedroom, and a puddle on the floor.

“At first I thought that only the damaged ceiling,” a woman quoted by CBC News. Morning revealed that pierced the roof of the house — it has a hole with a diameter of about one meter. Arrived on the scene the employee of the insurance company and the repairer of the roof called the injury “the strangest ever seen them”.

Last and suggested that the hole was the result of falling “blue ice” — frozen sewage falling out of plane, flying above the cottage. Pilots of commercial flights do not have the ability to deliberately dumping sewage overboard during the flight, but, as the newspaper notes, happen leakage. So, in 2008 the transport Committee to the security of Canada came to the conclusion that the ice, which pierced the roof of a residential house in calgary, fell out of the plane.

Tuesday 22 March, the Ministry of transport published the announcement of the intention to investigate the circumstances of the holes in the roof of a house in Ottawa.

Frozen sewage falling from the aircraft during the flight, traditionally called “blue ice”, as in the sewer system of the aircraft uses a disinfectant of bright blue.

Cases of falling from the sky large chunks of ice repeatedly recorded in different countries. So, last fall on a residential building in Tajikistan dropped the block of ice, weighing about 40 pounds. The affected residents linked the incident to a nearby airport, according to them, the ice could fall from the aircraft flying past.

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