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Scientists have found that how often a person should change jobs

Ученые выяснили, как часто человеку стоит менять работу 

MOSCOW, March 16. Scientists believe that a person should change jobs every 5-7 years. To such conclusion researchers have come after analyzing the results of the work of more than 500 employees of one of the American companies.

According to the data obtained, it is after this period, the productivity of people to their respective positions decreases dramatically, and are beginning to have conflicts with his superiors.
In experiment took part the employees occupying various positions, and several senior members of the management, whose task was to conduct an independent evaluation.

According to the results of the study it was observed that after 5-7 years of work for one post, the person becomes less active and active, reports the portal Planet Today. In addition, the subjects who have worked on their posts for a long time, scientists have noted a reduction in stress, which was the cause of conflict situations, both with other employees and in their relations with management.
Thus, researchers recommend changing jobs every 5-7 years, on their own initiative, without bringing the situation to the dismissal.

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