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Scientists: cheese can be addictive

Ученые: сыр может вызывать зависимость

The authors of a new study claim that the cheese is quite capable of causing addiction, comparable to drug. According MedikForum, the experts decided to find out what foods cause the most highly addictive modern humans.
“Scientists have found that foods with lots of cheese are the real drug for the human body, especially the dishes, the ingredients of which had undergone different technological treatments,” – inform the specialized publications.
Although cheese is considered to be a useful product as the source of the lactic acid component, calcium and other important nutrients of the body, the study stated that many types of cheese purchased by consumers, is not a natural product. The structure of modern cheeses often contain substances that would allow manufacturers to cheapen the cost of the product and are not natural.
“In addition, cheese contains a lot of casein protein, which is in the process of digestion releases substances similar to morphine in composition. Thanks to its stringy cheese crust pizza is such a popular product in the world”, – experts say.

Doctors will admit that some people’s dependence on cheese can be very strong. This dependence requires treatment, perhaps the same methods, as and alcoholism, said the doctors.

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