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Schumacher’s Manager explained the lack of information about the health of the rider

Менеджер Шумахера объяснила отсутствие сведений о здоровье гонщика

Manager of German racing driver Michael Schumacher Sabina Who explained the long absence of health information 47-year-old pilot, “Formula”. Her words quoted by the British newspaper the Mirror.

“One day after a long discussion he told me: “You don’t need to tell you about me next year — I disappear”” — shared by Whom. “I think it was his secret dream to do something without careful attention. That’s why I now carry out his wishes and not to allow anything to go outside,” she added.

Sabina believes that at the moment any information about the state of health of the athlete can create a negative atmosphere around him. “Every word will serve as a new rumor, any information will be the impetus for further worsening of the situation, it will disturb the peace. At the moment I see no alternative,” said Someone.

In may 2015, Who told me that speedy recovery Schumacher is not expected. According to the Manager, he will have “a long battle”. In August she was told that the athlete is “getting better”.

About the condition of 47-year-old athlete is only known that he is no longer bedridden and can, for example, to sit in the chair. Schumacher recognizes family members, but does not speak, as the muscles of his face have atrophied. The cost of treatment exceeded 10 million pounds sterling, German wife Corinna for the payment of the restoration had to sell a personal aircraft Schumacher.

Ex-racing driver passes a rehabilitation course at your own Villa on lake Geneva in Switzerland. He came back from the clinic in September 2014. Prior to that, Schumacher more than half a year in a coma because of an accident that occurred while skiing in December 2013. Then the German fell and hit his head on a rock.

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