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Savchenko civilized world posed a direct question: “Who are you in all this drama?”

Савченко задала цивилизованному миру прямой вопрос: «Кто вы все в этой драме?»

On 3 March the Rostov court denied the Hope Savchenko in the last word. The judge closed the meeting and announced that the process will continue on 9 March. In response, Hope said that such actions she perceives as a violation of their rights and from 4 March to announce a “dry” hunger strike. In fact, the Ukrainian woman-pilot, the first issue of the parliamentary party “Batkivshchyna”, member of PACE, in response to the judgment seat, which is arranged above it, the Russian authorities have put forward to them the ultimatum of “freedom or death”, using the last weapon she has left — his own life.

We often hear that Hope Savchenko has become a symbol of Ukraine, showing the world an example of the military spirit, courage, intransigence, courage and heroism. So. But only if it distinguishes the trial of Nadezhda Savchenko from all other trials, arranged by Putin’s regime over the people honest, courageous, conscientious, and, of course, innocent? What is “the phenomenon Savchenko” and its dangers for the Putin clique?

If you peer at the essence, there is an obvious absurdity put forward the Hope of the charges. Being detained on the territory of Ukraine, it is Ukrainian officer is accused in a Russian court. That in itself refutes the assertion of the Russian side in any involvement in the bloody events in the Donbas. But in the Russian Federation arrested a considerable number of other Ukrainian citizens. So, here Savchenko – not the exception to the rule, and his loud confirmation.

The second important feature of the process is the lack of evidence. The court failed to prove that the Hope involved in the death of Russian journalists who illegally were in the territory of Ukraine. Savchenko’s lawyers have repeatedly noted that the court refused to consider their evidence of innocence: the Billings with her phone, expert opinion about the exact time of its capture, made on the basis of appearing in court videotapes. Were not allowed a defence witness. But this is for the Russian court is not news. In the case of Ukrainian filmmaker Sentsov and his friends Kolchenko and Afanasyev, too, there was no evidence of guilt. One of the reasons to consider Ukrainians involved in the planning of the attack, was the presence of first-aid kit with quite the usual set of cotton, brilliant green and bandages. Because the kit assumes the wounds, and prophylaxis of wounds, according to the decision of the Russian court, is nothing other than preparation for a terrorist attack.

Even the delusional charged, whereby the gunner can coordinate the artillery fire by moving people – and this despite the fact that the charging time and the volley is up to 25 minutes – is not new for the Russian discourse. After all, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation had the idea to accuse the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk that he was a militant in Chechnya. So shooting from heavy weapons “on sparrows” for the Russian Themis not a limit.

The main in this whole story is not how he passed the trial of Nadiya Savchenko, and then, as Savchenko held court over the Russian political system. No one could judge her. She judged them. In the closing remarks, which were not allowed to utter the Hope, says: “I do not admit no guilt, no conviction, no Russian court… is an Absurd situation when those who kidnap people and subject them to torture and then still pretend that you have the right to judge them! What kind of fair court there can be a speech?! In Russia there is no trial! Here is the farce of the puppet stooges of the Kremlin. And I think it is absolutely unnecessary to waste the time of my life, to take part in it!”.

Taking advantage of the only thing over which she had power and right – herself – Savchenko could accuse Vladimir Putin’s heinous crime and to demand his release. She did not just hint, that the sin of all international exchanges – on Putin’s direct responsibility in what happens in Russia, she said that in the absence of the Russian Federation and the court of justice, only he can decide on her release. Where there are no performers, judges, prosecutors, but only she and Putin, in the event of her death was blamed solely on him.

Raising the stakes and betting your life, Hope Savchenko tore masks from the “hybrid hypocrite” and gave an ultimatum to the created reality. PACE in December 2015, provided international immunity. The hunger strike and indomitable will Savchenko was transferred from inter-state conflict and diplomacy in interpersonal plane. Hope challenged Putin and the struggle is a personal battle with him.

The essence of “hybridity” has always been that the crime explained “after the fact”. First, the capture of the Crimea – then “polite men”. First, the slaughter in the Donbass – then “self-defence and Voentorg”. First, the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing and then fake with a kilometer long Ukrainian SU-25. Putin, explaining the events that have already occurred, lie or slimy. And the world was forced to appeal and refute his lies with facts. But in the case of Nadezhda Savchenko, an event – the death of a prisoner – hasn’t happened yet. But it became more than real.

Today’s attempts of the Russian leader to shirk the need to release the Ukrainian pilot is a direct crime. Now it is impossible to argue that “the court will understand.” In the event of death, this will be another court with other accused. If Savchenko dies, will judge Putin’s court. At a time when world politics require personally from Vladimir Putin to immediately release Nadiya Savchenko, all concocted with the purpose to make fun of justice “evidence” become evidence of guilt directly to the Russian President was the ideological mastermind of this nightmare.

It’s not the London of the report, where “it may be that Vladimir Putin” is called potential customers the death of Alexander Litvinenko. It is the deliberate killing of parliamentarian in PACE live.

“Alive or dead, I’ve already won,” says Nadiya Savchenko. It is his inflexibility destroyed the myths that were a hybrid picture of Vladimir Putin. Otzerkalivat it in the process, it showed its true essence. Its against his honor of officer of the FSB-shnyh nature. Her masculinity in contrast to his ostentatious “macintoshi”. Will and unyielding Hope, her uncompromising in making hard decisions, an unwillingness to succumb to blackmail and pressure, destroyed the belief that Vladimir Putin cannot “corner”. Sauchanka has driven him into a corner from which he cannot get out without a loss. It showed that he is ready to go to crime is not of benefit or ambition, but solely as a psychopath, intoxicated with their own impunity.

Today, the world saw a new Putin. Does not suffer from an Imperial complex, the barbarian leader of the country, not the dictator, but merely the offender, who seized hostages to dictate its terms to the world. Ideals, “righteous struggle”, “affixed” here and does not smell. Talking about commonplace benefit and the desire to assert themselves. Before us is not the terrorist, for whom “death to the world red”, and not a tyrant, intending to establish a new world order. Before us the leader of the gang that uses massacres as a way to increase his power among associates.

With such a character when he’s cornered, negotiations are only in one case, to minimize losses among random victims. When he interrupts the dialogue and begins to kill the hostages, no one cares about restoring contact with him. Intelligence agencies know what to do in cases where the offender has to kill the hostages.

Nadezhda Savchenko incredibly high price has put the world on the fact that she’s a hostage, Putin is a criminal. But she asked the civilized world, its leaders, the Ukrainian leadership direct question: “Who are you in all this drama? Casual onlookers who prepared the camera and iPhones in anticipation of the hot shots? Or special forces, designed to ensure the safety of the world, justice to the victims and the inevitable punishment to a criminal?”.

“The phenomenon Savchenko” is the correct one given the question the answer to which may change the course of world politics in relation to Russia and its leadership. Dare the world to keep Hope alive in her fight? From that role to take over all of us, will depend, will return Savchenko home alive or dead.

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