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Samsung may release a smartphone Galaxy S7 Mini

Apple plans soon to release a 4-inch smartphone iPhone 5se and thereby regain control of the market for tiny cell phones, which, oddly enough, still there is a demand. This, of course, is not to the liking of all its competitors, including Samsung, which, according to rumors, is going to release its own compact mobile phone — Galaxy Mini, S7.

Officially the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini is not confirmed and not contradicted by, and rumors of its imminent appearance appeared in Taiwan and has managed to spread around the world. They state on the availability of this AIO PC HD screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches and a density of 320 pixels per inch, and along with it — and powerful flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or Samsung Exynos Octa 8890. In this scenario, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini will be not only bigger but also more powerful than the new “IPhone”, but it would still be less than many modern smartphones, which justifies the presence of the word Mini in its name.

Thickness Korean mini flagship should be 10 millimeters, and its main camera has all the chances to get a 12-megapixel matrix. To the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini was not a competitor to its full-sized relative, he cut back on the amount of internal memory, while RAM will reduce to 3 gigabytes. However, let’s not forget that last year, despite a series of rumors, innuendo, renderings and photos, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini was not on sale. Who knows, maybe his descendant will also be a fiction.

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