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Samsung Galaxy S7 is recognized as non-repairable

Portal iFixit has finally got the Samsung Galaxy S7, but not for use, but to convert it into a pile of spare parts. In other words, specialists of this resource, without spending time in vain, began its core business and disassembled the cell phone, simultaneously assessing the degree of maintainability. In this regard they have for you very bad news.

Samsung Galaxy S7, with all its coolness and advanced, to repair unsuitable almost completely: iFixit is the scale on which they assess the possibility of restoring devices, and can earn a maximum of 10 (ten) points. So, the new Korean flagship has received only 3 (three) points, and this is one of the worst results in the history of iFixit — less evaluation resource sets, as a rule, only the devices from Apple, which is known to be generally useless to try to fix it. By the way, last year’s Galaxy S6 earned exactly one point more.

As noted by the specialists who conducted an autopsy of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, without special tools there is not enough. The disadvantages of smartphone they took an excessive amount of glue and very fragile glass on both sides of the body and look may crack during disassembly. In addition, the change of display here, too, will require considerable skill and accuracy, because very high risk of damage to the protective glass, and the installation of the new panel is also fraught with risk.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S7 is the cooling system of the processor based on the heat pipe and the modularity of most of the components. The latter fact gave the smartphone mentioned 3 points out of 10 possible.

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