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Safe house: tips to combat household allergens

 Безопасный дом: полезные советы по борьбе с бытовыми аллергенами5 ways to get rid of household allergens.

Most people sometimes without knowing it, suffer from household allergies.

How to get rid of, and most importantly, what causes it in the home and to neutralize allergens.

Basement, bathroom and other places in the home where moisture builds up can create a favorable atmosphere for mildew. Mold spreads by microscopic bacteria which are some of the household allergens a Peculiar musty smell first harbinger of mold. Then, to the naked eye, you notice the color change at the edges of the Windows, pipes, showers or in the basement.

What to do?
First of all, to dry the wetness and eliminate the cause. Ensure that the humidity level in your home below 50 percent. To get rid of mold treat contaminated surfaces with chlorine solution. If the area of distribution of the mold exceeded three per square meter, you need to seek help from professionals.

Bed linen

Microscopic dust mites accumulate on the surface of mattresses and bedding, causing allergies. Many of us spend in bed from 7 until 12:00, thereby exposing themselves to potential danger.

What to do?
Buy anti-allergen sealed covers for pillows and mattress, you can find them at almost any store bedding. Wash in hot water also kills insects. Please note that for effective control of ticks, linen should be washed at temperatures above 55 degrees.


Contrary to popular belief, Allergy is not the dander and saliva and skin particles. Proteins contained in the saliva, once in the fur get us into the Airways and cause an allergic reaction.

What to do?
The most effective way to cope with an Allergy to animal to part with a pet. If you really care about your pet, try to limit his access to the bedroom. Bathe him every 3-4 weeks, regular water treatments will help to reduce allergen levels to a minimum.

Polluted air

To improve the indoor air by using ventilation and air-conditioning. Being in good condition, they filter out allergens. But if time does not change the filters, the air will circulate pollen and animal dander. Besides, if the humidifier secretes too much moisture, the air conditioning system may trigger mold.

What to do?
Try time to change filters, and clean the dehumidifier every two weeks. In the rooms of your house where there is water it is advisable to install fans to improve air circulation, prevent the occurrence of condensation water and mold.

Outdoor allergens can get into your home through open Windows. However, if you really ventilate the room, the number of potential irritants will only increase.

What to do?
Keep Windows closed, especially in spring and autumn in the midst of seasonal allergies. Do not open Windows at night. Most of the pollen in the air from 4 to 10:00 am. You can Wake up with Allergy symptoms, and the night slept with the window open. Runny nose and puffy eyes – not the best start to the day.

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